Senior Stories: Michael Chen and Alan Gao

by Asian American Cultural Center (AACC)

Speaker/Lecture Series

Fri, Oct 28, 2022

5 PM – 6 PM EDT (GMT-4)

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Join us for our AACC Senior Stories series! We'll get to know each other in a more intimate setting, cherish the diversity of experiences in our community, and of course, celebrate our seniors.

Alan and Michael's senior stories will take place on Friday, October 28th from 5-6 pm both in-person at the AACC (first floor) and on Zoom ( There'll be yummy Asian snacks :)

Please sign up by Thursday, October 27th at 11:59 pm to attend. If you have any questions, contact Resty ( and Bella (


Alan and Michael met on a rainy day in September 2019 as newly selected first-year liaisons for the Chinese American Students Association (CASA). Some say it was love at first sight but you'll have to come to our Senior Story to find out. Through COVID-19, they were CASA Community Chairs and later become Co-Presidents together. Michael was also an AACC PL for two years and Alan is an occasional participant of AACC Game Nights.

Alan "Spikeball King" Gao (he/him) is a Libra '23+1 in Silliman College studying Sociology and Education Studies (ask him about his radical transformation…or actually maybe not…). Besides being named as People Magazine's Sexiest Man alive for three years straight, he is the HEAD of Consulting for YUCG, your local spikeball legend, and a part of the Yale Policy Institute. Most importantly, he was my partner in crime for CASA for three years straight. You can't miss him on this scooter throughout campus. Alan is one of the most energetic and iconic people I've had the privilege of meeting on campus and has shaped the lives of so many at Yale. I am lucky to call him a trusted friend and a future groomsman. Lucky for you all, he's on campus for an extra year. Make sure to keep him warm and safe when I'm gone :')

How do you describe a guy like Michael Chen with words? The first word that comes to mind is kindness. Kindness is such an overly and improperly used word in colloquial language, but it is one that embodies Michael Chen. Out of the many people that you'll meet and get to know on campus, Michael is one of the few that is truly and without a doubt kind in every aspect of his being. An iconic Branfordian and CASA hall of famer, Michael's kindness radiates through his smile that he shares regardless of how stressed he is, his big bear hugs that are only possible because of his long ass arms, and the way he insists on giving you vitamin C and other cold remedies when you have so much as a sniffle. He is constantly giving his time and energy to support the communities that he is a part of, especially his frosh, and being Michael's friend comes with a feeling of trust and warmth that you have someone who will always be there for you. Now don't get me wrong, Michael is so much more than just kind. He's also a goofy, fun guy full of laughs, intellectually curious, an academic weapon, and so much more. Catch him killing the game in law school soon and making the world a better place through fighting for equitable immigration law. Inspiring on all fronts — personal, academic, and social — Michael's story is one that is worth listening to.

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