Mon, Dec 4, 2023

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM EST (GMT-5)

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Please join us for CliMates: Exploring Sustainability in Retail and Fashion on Monday, December 4th at lunch in Evans Hall!
This discussion will be led by Cassandra Hay (SOM ’24) as they share insights into the retail and waste dynamics, drawing from experience in print-on-demand ecommerce and Kelsey Niehoff (SOM ’24), who will spotlight technical challenges and innovative material and construction solutions observed at Nike.

During our discussion, we aim to:
- Uncover the staggering volume of waste generated by the retail and fashion industries and the underlying reasons driving this trend, including consumer demand for fast fashion and seasonal trends.
- Delve into the intricate challenges faced in minimizing waste during production, touching upon the complexities of inventory management, overproduction, and the impact on waste generation.
- Understand the complexities involved in textile recycling, including technological limitations, mixed material compositions, and the lack of infrastructure for recycling textiles.
Discover how pioneering companies are revolutionizing material and construction approaches to combat waste. Learn about cutting-edge innovations aimed at minimizing waste and fostering sustainability.
Don't miss this enlightening session as we uncover the complexities, innovations, and evolving landscape of sustainability in retail and fashion!

As always, lunch will be provided.
Organized and sponsored by CBEY, YSE Business & Environment Learning Community & SOM Business & Environment club.

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Co-hosted with: Business and the Environment Learning Community

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