The 2021-2022 Board

Aaron Bryce Lee

Political Action Committee

Aaron is a 1L who loves oxtail, the Los Angeles Lakers, Bong Joon Ho, and A Tribe Called Quest. He is interested in labor and immigration law.

Colette Le Brannan


Colette is a 1L who spent a year in Saigon before entering law school. Colette will miss the California sunshine, but is excited brave the snow to meet everyone in New Haven this fall! Colette's interests include environmental, health, and civil rights law, paddleboarding, yoga, pizza, and reading fiction. Colette just finished Brit Bennett's The Vanishing Half and is currently reading Viet Thanh Nguyen's The Committed.

Daphne Peng


Daphne is a 1L from the sunshine state of Florida and is still exploring the expansive options offered at YLS to find the most suited paths she can take to be in service to others. She loves crime TV series and is a major animal lover.

Karen Sung


Karen is a 1L from Saratoga, California and graduated from the University of Chicago in 2018. Prior to law school, she worked as a public affairs consultant in DC. At YLS, she's interested in tech and internet law, as well as the intersection of public policy and the law. Outside of class, she likes to explore new hiking trails, watch the Great British Bake-Off, and spend too much money at one of the many coffee shops in New Haven.

Kevin Chen

Political Action Committee

Kevin is a 1L born and raised in Houston, Texas. He is broadly interested in environmental justice, community economic development, and law and political economy. Prior to law school, he worked in immigrant and refugee health justice as an AmeriCorps member and researched the history of nuclear contamination in the Bay Area as a research assistant at Stanford. Outside of classes, you can find him dancing, trying out new recipes, or napping.

Kyra Blas


Hafa adai! Kyra is a 1L who was born and raised in Guam. After college, she returned home and taught high school math before working as a legal assistant. This year, she was a 1L Student Rep and joined the Environmental Protection Clinic. She is interested in exploring ways the law can be used to achieve justice for her community in Guam, especially the indigenous people. When she’s being a human and not just a law student, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and his family, facetiming her mom (really their dog taco bell bell), and watching the Real Housewives or anime.

Lauren Lin


Lauren is a 1L who taught English in Korea before coming to law school and misses her students dearly. She's currently interested in international law and human rights. Outside YLS she enjoys watching Korean dramas, baking (poorly), and learning foreign languages!

Liz Jacob

Political Action Committee

Liz is a passionate advocate for environmental justice who is deeply invested in her communities and committed to serving movements to solve the climate crisis and build a safer, more just world for all. Prior to starting law school, Liz worked for years within the environmental movement, organized for immigrant justice, and served alongside her colleagues to unionize her workplace. At YLS, Liz is involved in a slew of things related to environmental justice, movement lawyering, and local organizing. If you’re in New Haven, you can probably find Liz enjoying an Arethusa ice cream downtown, running with her dog Juno in East Rock Park, or grabbing takeout from one of her favorite local, BIPOC owned restaurants!

Lulu Zhang


Lulu is a 1L from Southern California. She lived and worked in Beijing a couple years before coming to YLS. When not doing law school things, she enjoys teaching yoga at the Good Life Center on campus.

Malina Simard-Halm


Malina is a first-year from Santa Fe, New Mexico. There she worked on immigration advocacy and state policy before coming to law school. Among other things, she is currently interested in equal protection law and civil rights. She is a lover of thrill activities, going to the movie theater, and low-stakes chess.

Nathan Cummings


Nathan is a 1L interested in local government law and urban policy. He’s originally from Seattle, Washington and spent two years in NYC at a small public interest law firm before coming to YLS. Outside school, he enjoys playing board games and hopes he’ll eventually win one someday.

Raymond Fang

Political Action Committee

Raymond is a 1L from Kansas who studied anthropology and did tenant organizing work before coming to law school. He is currently interested in movement-based legal work and housing, economic, and racial justice. In his free time he enjoys hiking, video games, and cooking!

Richard Wang

Professional Development

Richard is a 1L and serves as APALSA's Professional Development Chair. He is interested in corporate and transactional law, and he is involved with the Yale Journal on Regulation, the Yale Law and Business Society, and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Clinic. Outside YLS, he enjoys reading novels and taking long walks in New Haven.

Shunhe Wang

Social and Membership

Shunhe is a 1L from Michigan. He's currently interested in law. Outside YLS he enjoys playing poker (and other games), consuming media, and eating food.

Sruthi Venkatachalam

Social and Membership

Sruthi is a 1L interested in international law, national security law, human rights law, and constitutional law. Before law school, she graduated from Case Western and spent time interning at the Department of Justice working on National Security issues. Outside YLS, she loves baking, eating ice cream, and going on hikes in East Rock!

Upasna Saha

Social and Membership

Upasna is a 1L proudly from Queens, NY, home to some of her most favorite restaurants in the world. She is interested in criminal defense and anti-mass incarceration work, civil rights, and racial and gender justice. Along with APALSA, she is a part of SALSA; she is also a member of the Challenging Mass Incarceration Clinic. Outside of YLS, she enjoys reading novels, playing badminton, and asking the universe to please release a new Rihanna album (please!).

Varshini Parthasarathy


Varshini is a 1L from the Bay Area interested in climate and the environment. Prior to YLS, she worked for New York State focused on renewables. Outside of school, she enjoys running, amateur latte-making, and wistfully dreaming of the day in-person concerts will resume.

Wenyi Xu

3L/Transfer Chair

Wenyi is a 2L from Beijing, China who had no working experience before coming to law school. He studied Political Science and Economics at Northwestern, and he spent his 1L year at UC Berkeley School of Law. His academic interest includes constitutional law, criminal procedure, and statutory interpretation. Professionally, he will be working for a law firm in transactional practices after graduation. Outside of YLS, he enjoys watching sports games, playing table tennis, watching news channels, and reading law-related books.