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Campus Resources in Yale Connect (on Campus Groups)

What you see here is just a brief introduction to some of the resources here at Yale for you academically, professionally, socially, and just about every other "-ly" you can think of. The links below and on our other resource tabs should get you started: don't forget, right here in campus groups are the pages to hundreds of clubs, organizations, and grad-student serving offices for whatever you need or want.

McDougal Grad Student life at Yale includes

  • The McDougal GSL Office w/18 GSAS student/Spouse Fellows & 4 staff- that's us- organizing 100+ events per year for the grad community- that's you! Plus we organize GSAS Orientation - that's this!
  • Over 60+ clubs and groups specifically for Yale grad students: find them here on Yale Connect (campus groups platform) or at our Grad Activity Fair!
  • The McDougal Center  Facility (hi, that's us again!) to host events, and be your campus Grad Hub (will reopen when safe due to COVID-19 precautions) and help keep you informed
  • The GSA and the GSAS Administration keeping your interests in mind
  • and much more!