Self Guided and Virtual Tours

East Rock - North and South Tours

If you're moving to East Rock, or have friends or classmates who live there, get to know your new home area with these great tours, created for you by McDougal GSL Fellows! Below are maps indicating paths to take to access the locations listed for the tours. Click on the title of the tour for access to the Google Tour links in order to view descriptions, photos, and satellite images of the locations.

North East Rock Tour

This tour takes you through a variety of scenic picnicking spots in North EastRock including Edgerton Park, The Whitney Museum, Yale Divinity school, and of course, East Rock Park.

South East Rock Tour

This tour takes you through the more scenic side of South New Haven, showing you great spots to picnic like Olmo Breakfast, Phelps Triangle, and Temple Plaza.

Coffee Tours

No matter if you're an early bird or a night owl, these coffee tours around the downtown area will keep you fueled all day long! These tours were created for you by McDougal GSL fellows.

Koffee? (104 Audubon St)

Maison Maithis (304 Elm St)

Festival of Arts and Ideas

New Haven Tours

The Festival of Arts and Ideas is one of the prides of New Haven. This year, they've created an excellent resource by curating a variety of virtual and self-guided tours covering topics like New Haven's African American, Indigenous, and Latinx History, New Haven Notables, Bike Tours, and theatre tours!