Meet your residential college PHEP!

Benjamin Franklin

LAUREN CUETO is a MCDB major and a dual student at the Yale School of Public Health. In her tenure on campus, Lauren has served as an editor for the YDN, president of The Yale Layer and Period at Yale, and a research assistant at the Yale School of Medicine. She is a proud member of Benjamin Franklin College and can’t wait to support her community in any way she can.

MEHANA DAFTARY is a MB&B and HSHM double major who is passionate about science and public health at all levels. She serves as an Officer for the Glee Club and Campus Girl Scouts. She enjoys conducting research on protein degradation, eating noodles, and practicing her calligraphy skills. She is very excited to join the PHEP tea

CHRISTELLE THIEBA is a sophomore majoring in MCDB as a pre-med. Christelle is really passionate about theatre as well as tutoring high schoolers in her free time. She loves to crochet and can't wait to step up as a PHEP to help her peers navigate campus guidelines and maintain social relationships in a time of social distancing.


DAN O’REILLY is a senior studying Biomedical Engineering. He has been involved on campus in several research labs, marketing for Heavenly Treats, and Club baseball as well as intramural football and basketball. Dan is really looking forward to his time as a PHEP where he hopes to support students and allow them to have the most fun, safe campus experiences possible!

NNEKA EZERA is a Political Science major. She is in Branford College and also works there as a Head of College Aide. In her free time, she enjoys reading and exploring new places around New Haven. She is super excited to work with the Berkeley community this year and is looking forward to helping the Yale community with new ways of interaction.

ALEX CHEN is a sophomore in Berkeley double majoring in Computer Science and Ethics, Politics, & Economics. He loves practicing with Yale Club Gymnastics, performing with TEETH Poets, and making fun apps and videos and other things. He is super excited to be a PHEP and build a culture of support and make sure everyone can have a chummy time!


ANDREW JACKSON III is from Central Florida majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. Outside of serving as one of your PHEPs, Andrew is part of the Science, Technology, and Research Scholars cohort (STARS), Yale Danceworks, and is an active member of the Yale Black Men’s Union. In his free time, Andrew loves playing basketball with friends, listening to new music, and drinking Arizona green tea. He is looking forward to helping members of our wonderful community stay smart and safe this year!

VANESSA ZHANG is studying Economics. Vanessa loves to sing with her a cappella group, Yale Out of the Blue, and create political programming as a staffer at the Asian American Cultural Center. She worked at a health education nonprofit this past summer and is super excited to implement the skills she’s learned in supporting students this year!

ELAINE CHENG is a sophomore in Branford majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry with a certificate in East Asian Languages. She is a part of the Yale Ballroom Dance Team and enjoys combining her appreciation for art and science as an illustrator for Yale Scientific Magazine. She is so excited to become more involved with the Branford community as a PHEP!


COSETTE DAVIS is a premed senior majoring in Neuroscience. She’s involved in both dance and a cappella at Yale, so she’s basically blasting music 24/7. When not on the MCAT grind, Cosette can be found suffering through a Chloe Ting workout, clout chasing on TikTok, or crying about a K-drama. She is eager to be a PHEP and help her peers brainstorm ways to use technology to stay connected and keep doing the things they love safely.

YOUSRA OMER is studying Interdisciplinary Political Science with a focus on Health and Health Policy as well as being premed. Yousra is a coordinator for the Community Health Educators, co-president of the Davenport College Council, and president of the Muslim Students Association. She is very excited to be a PHEP and find fun ways to social distance and stay connected!

LILY SIEGEL is a member of various groups on campus, some of which include the club field hockey team, REACH volunteers, and her research lab where she studies comparative cognition. When she’s not taking classes for her Psychology major, she enjoys learning about art history, hopelessly rooting for the NY Mets, and putting together a good cheese board. She’s so excited to be a PHEP this semester to help her peers have a fantastic and safe spring term despite covid.

Ezra Stiles

NAREEN BAWARI is involved in YCC, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Camp Kesem, and all things Ezra Stiles. She loves being a Political Science major at Yale but will also be seen taking classes from a wide variety of other majors as well! She has become addicted to using TikTok over quarantine and spends too much time watching them instead of doing homework. She is very excited to be a PHEP to make sure that students feel safe being at Yale and are able to protect the New Haven community.

VERONICA GALIMBERTI is an avid spike ball player and goalkeeper for the Women's Club Soccer Team and a proud member of the pre-med squad. As an MCDB major, Veronica is passionate about Immunology research and Public Health. In her free time, she enjoys runs to East Rock and reading in a quiet, cozy place. Veronica is super excited to help her fellow Yalies navigate the new changes to campus life and foster a safe and fun atmosphere in the res colleges.

JAIDA MORGAN is the co-president of the Black Pre-Health Organization at Yale and loves volunteering for the Bridges ESL program. She is passionate about cancer research and is majoring in Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology. Jaida is super excited to be a PHEP so that she can engage with her peers in safe ways that will allow the college experience to still be social and fun!

Grace Hopper

LAINE GARBER is a member of the Yale field hockey team. Laine enjoys her science coursework from her Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology major, but she also enjoys different various social science and humanity courses. Her favorite places are the beach and the mountains!! She loves all deserts and is very excited to come board on as a PHEP!

VIVIAN YI is an East Asian Studies major. She is a member of the Yale Slavic Chorus and the Asian American Health Advocates. She is very happy to be back in New Haven and excited to help her classmates have a safe and fulfilling semester!

HELEN TEJADA is a second-year majoring in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. She is part of the Student Technology Collaborative and New Haven REACH. As the spring semester approaches, she is ecstatic to return to New Haven and Grace Hopper College (which she frequently states is the best residential college), as well as help Yalies have a safe and fulfilling semester!

Jonathan Edwards

AISHWARYA BHATTACHARYA is the Captain of the women's squash team and was the previous Co-President of Period@Yale. She is majoring in Psychology (Neuro track) and completing coursework as a Global Health Scholar. She will also be doing the joint BS/MPH program in Epidemiology and is interested in mosquito borne diseases. She loves Arethusa ice cream, late night Main Garden fried rice and is looking forward to helping her peers bond and connect on a socially-distant campus during one of the strangest collegiate years!

ISABELLE TOP is majoring in Neuroscience. Outside of the classroom, she loves being a part of the Club Curling team and Kappa Kappa Gamma. Isabelle is also passionate about iced mochas, reading, and fun socks. As a PHEP, Isabelle is looking forward to engaging more deeply with the Yale community and helping her classmates have the most enjoyable (and safe) semesters!

AMRITA VETTICADEN is a sophomore in JE. She is a Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology major in the Global Health Studies program, and is passionate about creative solutions in public health. She is an avid runner and loves long runs past Edgewood Park. She's so thrilled to be a PHEP and to help her peers feel safe and at-home in a variety of virtual and in-person environments!


CHELSEA FANG is a Statistics and Data Science major from Raleigh, NC. Chelsea is interested in exploring the intersections between medicine, biostatistics, and healthcare policy. She loves traveling, cooking, drinking capri-suns and binge-watching TikToks. She is excited to be a PHEP to help her peers to stay connected through socially distanced activities and to help keep the community healthy and safe.

MILA COLIZZA is an aspiring Art/MCDB double major. When Mila is not working towards her majors, she is usually teaching with Community Health Educators, volunteering with the Red Cross Club, or working in the lab. She also has a senior cat named Mister. As a PHEP, she is hopeful that she can help facilitate a positive, safe, and socially-distant undergrad community.

CASSIE CLEMENT is a member of the Yale women's gymnastic team. Cassie Clement is passionate about her major, Biomedical Engineering, and plans to pursue a joint major in both Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. In her free time, she loves to make workouts and healthy recipes, and she also enjoys sewing. She is really excited to be a PHEP, and help her peers come up with ways to have fun, while being COVID safe.

Pauli Murray

ILIANA CABRAL is a rising senior on the Yale field hockey team. She lives in Murray and loves the community there. She is majoring in economics and enjoys working out in her free time. She enjoys baking and is prepared to help the Yale community get through these times (especially the freshman).

NATENIN CISSE is a Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology major, with plans to attend medical school after Yale. In her free time, she likes to read watch Netflix and hang out with friends. She is very excited to be working with her fellow students on creating a safe and responsible environment in light of this pandemic.

ERIC SUN is a sophomore from Virginia majoring in MB&B and S&DS. Eric cooks for Y-PopUp, volunteers for the HAVEN Free Clinic, and is involved in epigenetics research at the Yale Stem Cell Center. He loves sushi and coffee and is excited to promote a safe and healthy campus through PHEP!


ANDREW ZHANG is majoring in Ethics, Politics, & Economics. He is a member of the Yale men's fencing team. His favorite tea is jasmine.

FIONA O’BRIEN is a co-coordinator of Community Health Educators, a member of Engineer Without Borders, and involved in service activities at Dwight Hall. She is studying Environmental Engineering, and loves exploring the intersection of human health and planetary health as a Global Health Scholar. In her free time, she loves going on long runs in East Rock, reading good books, and baking & cooking vegan eats. She is so excited to connect with Yale students as a PHEP and build a vibrant socially-distant campus culture!

CHARLIE MAYOCK-BRADLEY (he/him) is a sophomore in Pierson College studying Political Science and Spanish. When he's not in class, you can find him volunteering for the Yale Legal Aid Association, teaching English lessons with Bridges ESL, or going for runs around campus! Charlie is excited to be joining the PHEPs team because he wants to make campus a safer place and help students find safe ways to socialize!


EVELYN NELSON is an aspiring English/Math double major. She is a co-leader of Trans@Yale and knows too many world capitals. She is hoping to make this semester as rewarding as possible despite the pandemic.

TIFFANY AJUMOBI is co-president of Demos. She is studying Neuroscience and Spanish and does research at a Neurology lab. She is so excited to be a resource for her peers as a PHEP and help find and create new ways to connect while socially distancing.

NANDINI ERODULA is a potential MCDB or HSHM major. She is involved with Havenly Treats, Yale Jashan Bhangra, the South Asian Youth Initiative, and Saybrook as a College Aide! She loves spending time with friends, hazelnut lattes, dancing, and watching Tik Toks. Nandini is so excited to be a PHEP and help keep the community safe and healthy!


JOHN DEAN is a senior at Yale and is currently the captain of the Varsity Football team. He studies Political Science and enjoys reading, yoga, and travel in his free time. John is very excited to be a PHEP and help support a safe campus experience!

DEONTE HENSON is on the Yale football team. He is also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity Inc.. Deonte is studying Political Science and hopes to go to Law School after finishing undergrad. He hopes to have an impactful effect on campus this spring!

GABE HOHENSEE is from Houma, Louisiana. He is majoring in Chemistry and enjoys studying the interactions among health, biology, and environment. He is super pumped to be serving as a PHEP this year and to help Yalies find new and unique ways to connect in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. When not studying and working, he is a member of the club triathlon team and Yale Rangeela. He also loves reading, cooking, and having long Zoom conversations with friends!

Timothy Dwight

ANISSA ABBOUD is a member of the Yale Field Hockey team and co-president of the Yale Women's Athletic Council here on campus. Anissa is an HSHM major and she's very involved in public health, which is also her pathway within the major. She's an avid coffee drinker and will never pass the opportunity to grab sushi with someone. She's so excited to be a PHEP to help the Yale and New Haven community stay safe!


Anna is (tentatively) double-majoring in HSHM and E&B. She serves as Co-president for the Yale Vietnamese Students Association and volunteers remotely with Asian American non-profit organizations. When she is not stressing over work, she loves cooking, crocheting, doing yoga, long-distance running, and getting into arguments about why TD is the best residential college. As a PHEP, Anna is looking forward to helping advocate for and supporting the Yale community in creating a socially distant environment while still keeping the spirit alive.

ABBY LEIGHTONis a sophomore in TD from Philly tentatively double majoring in History and Sociology with a concentration in Health and Society. Outside of classes, she co-coordinates First Years in Support of New Haven, advocates for free prison phone calls as a part of YUPP, is involved with Yale Dems, and leads FOOT trips. In her free time, she likes to watch and rewatch grey’s anatomy, drink coffee and go on hikes. She’s super excited to be a PHEP and find fun ways for Yale students to connect while keeping all parts of the community safe.


DARRION CARRINGTON is a player on the Yale football team, and he is originally from the Jersey Shore. His major is Political Science, and he loves to take AFAM courses here at Yale. He likes to DJ and ride dirt bikes. Darrion cannot wait to be able to guide his friends and teammates to a safer campus in the current COVID climate we are in today.

KENDAL TOY is a member of the Yale Varsity Gymnastics team and is from Texas. She is majoring in Biomedical Engineering and enjoys spending free time with her friends and family.

ISABELLA HUANG is a sophomore from Los Angeles, CA, majoring in Neuroscience and is pre-med. On campus, you can find her laying out the YDN newspaper, creating events for YNEURO, gathering art for the Yale Layer Magazine, working with the TCC, and doing research for her Neuroscience lab. During her free time, Isabella loves being in nature, trying out new cooking recipes, playing with her dog and drinking coffee. She is super excited to be a PHEP and to find ways for Yale students to be safe and have fun!