Yale is committed to creating an environment that is inclusive to all people with disabilities, inside and outside of the classroom.

Students may visit Yale's Student Accessibility Services Office for information on how to facilitate individual accommodations for students with disabilities throughout the University. Here are some important practices for ensuring that your events are accessible.

When planning events, members of the community should ensure that events are accessible to attendees.


Prior to the event, event participants should be able to:

  • Obtain information and directions prior to the event
  • Be aware of accessible parking
  • Know ahead of time the accessible entrances.
  • Be aware of accessible restrooms

Helpful Tips:

  • Plan early: Planning early helps to improve the ability for the event to be accessible to all participants.
  • Accessibility lead:

Event Space:

Event planners are responsible for ensuring events are accessible. Ensure that the physical space is accessible to people with mobility impairments. Consider:

  • Stairs, ramps, aisles, stages
  • Location and height of tables and desks
  • Placement of chairs
  • Placement of microphones

Marketing Events:

  • Event publicity should include the following statement:
    • "If you or an event attendee requires disability-related accommodations, please contact [Event organizer or OSA or Student Accessibility Services] in advance of the event”.

Transportation & Parking:

  • The Sterling Law Building is on the public transportation route, and there is metered street parking. Campus shuttles run throughout the year and can help to move attendees from downtown hotels to YLS buildings.
  • If you have attendees who need assistance with transportation due to mobility challenges, Yale's Special Services Van is available to members of the Yale community.
  • If you have special guests and would like to provide parking (at a charge to your student group), you can contact Yale Parking to obtain a code.
  • Consider live-streaming your event so there is less of a need to travel

Accessible Content: Videos, Media and Handouts

  • Captioning your media makes it more universally accessible. Additional Information can be found here.
  • You can contact IT services and OSA for assistance.
  • Please review Yale's Web Accessibility Guide prior to planning your event.
  • Provide participants with accessible content: electronic versions of handouts in advance when possible. Information can be found here.