Scheduling & Planning Events 101

  • Virtual Event Planning

    • Spaces on campus to join virtual events:
      • Booking Single Occupancy Rooms: There are several single occupancy rooms available at the law school for you to book up to 72 hours in advance for a maximum of three hours per day. The following single occupancy rooms are available to reserve at
        • Baker Hall: 123, 123A, 123B, 125A, 127
        • SLB: K190C, L190B, L290E, K390C, K490CA, K490CB, K490CC
        • The Baker Hall and SLB rooms are marked in blue on these maps.
      • The Dining Hall: The top portion of the Dining Hall is reserved as a quiet space for students to join virtual events. Food is permitted in this area.
      • Alumni Reading Room: The Alumni Reading Room, located next to the Student Lounge, is available for student use. Food is not permitted.
      • Lillian Goldman Law Library: The main reading room of the Law Library and Library carrels are available for students to use to join virtual events. Students must be wearing headphones and will not be able to participate by speaking. Food is not permitted.
    • Protect your event:
      • If you are holding a closed event, communicate to attendees that the event is not open to a larger or public audience and set up a plan to ensure that only guests you invited are able to attend.
    • Zoom security & Webinars:
      • When planning your event you should be aware of Zoom Best Practices, but you should also plan on preparing for the event as the host, and spending time preparing your speakers.
      • Never share links for Zoom meetings publicly. Access links should only be shared with registered participants, after they have been approved. You may also choose to only share the link just before the event in order to minimize any chance of that link being shared more widely.
      • OSA has webinar keys that can allow for secure events up to 500 participants. Contact OSA if you would like your event to be in webinar format. We can offer you temporary access to our Zoom account.
    • Web Accessability:
      • Along with making your advertising materials, it’s important to make your event as accessible as possible so that all attendees can participate as fully as possible. Please review and share Yale's Web Accessibility Guide prior to planning your event.
      • ITS can help with captioning your event.
    • Zoom Recordings:
      • Let all of your speakers know that you plan to record the event
      • Secure signed release forms from each speaker. Contact the Office of Public Affairs to receive and submit a release form for each speaker.
      • Make sure your speakers have cleared their presentations from a copyright perspective.
      • If the event is being recorded, be sure to announce that publicly once everyone is in attendance.
  • Helpful Tips

    • Students may only attend official events if they are “in residence” (which means enrolled to take live classes, signed the Compact, etc).
    • We strongly encourage using the Yale Connect portal to put your events (you can make private to your membership).
    • Check the YLS Event Calendar prior to scheduling an event
    • Consider Religious holidays and weekly religious observance times
    • Consider co-sponsoring events with other student organizations, centers, departments to help ensure your event is well resourced and well attended.
  • Reserving a Room

    Students will only be allowed to book outdoor space from 9a-5p Mon-Fri. Individual students can book study spaces in SLB and Ruttenberg Hall.

    Room reservation requests can be made using the Law School's room reservation system (, or, on YaleConnect when creating an event.

    Room requests made through e-mail will not be considered. Room reservations must be made no later than one week prior to an event.

    If you have issues, please email Be sure to confirm your learning location and COVID compliance before reaching out.

    For events with speakers:

    Members that are not part of the YLS community will not be able to come to campus.

    Without the inclusion of the speaker name at the time of the request, the room reservation will be conditionally confirmed until the speaker name is provided. Failure to provide the name of the speaker(s) within one one week of the event will result in the cancellation of the request.

    Room reservation requests submitted by students are reviewed by OSA every day from Monday through Friday. A confirmation e-mail will be sent when the room is confirmed.

    All events and/or meetings held at YLS must be held Monday-Friday from 9:00AM-5:00PM.

    Classrooms in SLB may not be reserved during reading and finals periods. Please refer to the YLS Academic Calendar for reading period and finals period dates.

  • The Calendar

    Events should be added to the YLS Events Calendar as early as possible to minimize conflict.

    Events can be submitted here, or will be auto-loaded when creating your event on YaleConnect through your group's portal.  Please e-mail if you do not want your event on the YLS Public Events Calendar with in copy.

    When creating an event, make sure to "tag" your event as "YLS Website". This will ensure that the event is automatically fed onto the YLS Events Calendar.

  • Alumni Engagement

    There are occasions when student organizations and journals would like to communicate with Alumni to fundraise, mentorship programs, or inviting a speaker to YLS, among other requests.  Please send these invitations to and

    The Alumni Affairs office will send a note on your behalf to streamline communications and avoid overlap of outreach.

    Please note: The Courtyard has been created to engage alum and individual students, whereas requests on behalf of a student organization should go through the Alumni Affairs department.

  • Audio & Visual Services

    NEW FOR 2020-21: Zoom Webinar Access Student groups can reach out to to coordinate with AV on access to Zoom webinar keys at no cost to the organization.

    You make advance arrangements for media/av support on if your event is during 9:00am-5:00pm on weekdays. Requests should be made no later than one week prior to your event.

    The following are a list of commonly used services available through YLS Media Services:

    • Audio and/or video recording of Law School sponsored events
    • Provide AV equipment rentals
    • Multimedia presentation support (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.)
    • Video and web conferencing support
    • Speaker phones and conference call support

    Please note: There is a fee for service for all event recordings. Recordings in the faculty lounge and auditorium require a camera operator.

    All recording will incur a post-production editing fee and require captioning before they can be posted on the web. Rates can be found here.

    Signed release forms are required from all speakers for recorded events. Forms are available here

  • Community Building Events & Ideas

    Outdoor “Games”

    • Harry Potter Virtual Locations Tour
    • Puzzle
      • Solve a puzzle virtually as a team in a small outdoor space. The Puzzle is a challenge game created by 100 Points Challenge. There are ten rounds of puzzles and a ‘master puzzle’ which teams do the same puzzle over a span of a week or two.
    • Heads Up!
      • It's a classic word game where players have to describe the word on the screen to the person holding the screen to their head. You can choose from a range of categories and play with as many people as you want and students could be sitting apart or standing apart to play.
    • Group Pictionary with pieces of paper and markers
    • Outdoor trivia in small groups

    Outdoor Activities

    • Choose Your Own Ending
      • Students could work together to write a short story (name a theme, possibly your first week at YLS, ghosts of YLS at night, etc.). You could also write a random fictional paragraph and have the group work to finish and then do a table read in real time.
    • DIY planting
    • DIY time capsules
    • Slam poetry or other readings outside in the Courtyard
    • Yoga in the courtyard (if not considered too vigorous)
    • Farmers Market at Wooster Square
    • Hike (“Walk”) East Rock as a group
    • Pet meet up at the Dog Park attached to the Divinity School
    • Outdoor group meditation/Outdoor walking meditation
    • Cycle (those who bike) we can do a set meet up time for a leisurely bike ride
    • Outdoor “paint and sip” with one image and everyone paints the same picture
    • Outdoor bubbles or bubble wands
    • Outdoor stargazing (have someone who is into astrology give an overview of the stars in the Courtyard at night)
    • Bring local apples in lieu of apple picking for students to pick up and read about where the apples are from and take one once apple picking season beings
    • New Haven Movies in the Plaza - Town Green District

    Virtual Activities

    • Join the Yale Law School team on the Strava Running App
    • Create a team for the Yale Trail 2020 Wellness Challenge
    • Virtual Show & Tell
    • Virtual Pet Party
    • Game Nights:
      • Share time/moment of joy, where folks can share something good happening in their life.
      • Zoom Breakout Room feature scavenger hunts
      • Jack Box Games: options to see what works best for your group.
      • Virtual Escape the Room: Puzzle Break
      • Pictionary on Zoom's Whiteboard Feature
      • Virtual Art Class: Friendship bracelets, macaroni art, flower arrangements
      • Search “Virtual activities via Zoom” - there are constantly new virtual event ideas popping up
    • Swag bags:
      • Gifts to students must be under $75 – sweaters, vests, tee shirts etc. Will need approval from the licensing office if using “Yale” or the shield in anything.
      • Include items to be used at an event at a later date – craft kits, games, playdough
  • Vendor Contracts

    Students and student organizations are not permitted to enter into any contract with vendors or speakers for their events.

    Please send over all contracts to OSA for review. Contracts must be reviewed and signed by YLS Business Office. Please ensure you send over contracts as soon as possible to avoid delay.

  • Publicity & Marketing

    NEW FOR 2020-21: Postering in the Sterling Law Building will be prohibited for the first two weeks of classes.

    Additionally, visitors will not be allowed on campus for 2020-21 until further notice.

    NEW: The YLS Calendar
    Student groups can post their events on YaleConnect. While creating an event, students can "tag" the event as "YLS Website". This will automatically feed your event on the YLS Master calendar without you having to post the event in multiple places.

    Journalists, Photographers, and other Media at YLS
    Filming or photography on Yale Law School premises by the news media or other organizations or commercial entities is not permitted without prior permission from the Yale Law School Office of Public Affairs ( and the Office of Student Affairs. Currently, members of the press are not allowed in the building for any reason due to COVID-19.

    Posters for Events
    Posters may be made for advertising Law School events, meetings, and conferences on the stone and brick walls of the first-floor hallways and main staircase leading to the library. Please note: OSA is offering to print up to 5 copies of your posters for pickup in our office.

    Tips for hanging signage:

    • Using masking tape only. No scotch tape.
    • Do not post on painted, or glass surfaces
    • Each event can post up to 10 legal or letter sized posters per event.
    • Posters must be removed after the event
    • Posters advertising non-Law School events must be taken to the Building Services Office to be stamped before posting.
  • Food at Events

    • Events Policy (which dictates our food policy): These are University-wide policies that are implemented by OSA and we are unable to give exceptions to their protocols.

    • Food must be individually packaged. A fully vaccinated student leader or staff member may individually “plate” or wrap individual servings from a buffet.
    • Food trucks are allowable as long as the food is individually served, as described above.
    • Coffee and drink dispensers are permitted. Frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned often. Disinfecting wipes work well.
    • Avoid queuing and close contact as much as possible as participants wait for food and drink.
    • All Yale sponsored events serving alcohol are limited to two drinks per attendee, beer and wine only and groups are strongly encouraged to use a licensed bartender. You are required to have non-alcoholic beverages and ample food available for your guests.
      • Events on campus MUST have a licensed bartender from the YLS Dining Hall.
    • Please also order food that will meet students’ dietary needs. Be sure to consider including following food when ordering:
      • You can collect dietary needs from students when creating an event in your YaleConnect portal as students register.
      • Kosher
      • Vegetarian
      • Vegan
      • Halal
      • Foods made without gluten
      • Foods made without nuts

Local Businesses

Consider using these locally owned businesses when planning your event:

  • 3Ds Jamaican
  • Aladdin Crown Pizza
  • Amoy's Cajun Creole
  • Anaya Sushi
  • Anchor Spa
  • Ayah-H Market
  • Barracuda
  • Basil
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Blessing II Go
  • B Natural - College Street
  • Boiling SOHO
  • Bonchon
  • Buen Gusto
  • Cajun Boiled Seafood
  • Caribe Soul Food Truck
  • Caribbean Connection
  • Chap's Grille
  • China House
  • Chuan Du Hotpot
  • Collado
  • Curry in a Hurry Food Cart
  • Daiko
  • Doner
  • Dozo
  • Duc's Place
  • El Coqui
  • El Poblano Mexican Food Truck - Science Hill
  • Food Truck Paradise
  • Great Wall of China
  • Halal Guys
  • House of Chao
  • House of Naan
  • Hunan House
  • India Palace
  • Ivy Wok
  • Jeera Thai
  • Jordan's Hot Dogs and Mac
  • Jung's Kimchi Corner Food Cart
  • Junzi
  • Kasbah Garden
  • Kati Roll Cart
  • Koji
  • Kool Breeze
  • Koon Thai
  • Kuro Shiro
  • La Cocinita
  • La Esquina del Mofongo
  • Lalibela
  • Main Garden
  • Mama Mary's Soul Food
  • Mamoun's
  • Mecha Noodle Bar
  • Mezcal
  • Midpoint Istanbul
  • Million Asian Market
  • Miso
  • Miya's Sushi
  • New West Cafe
  • Ninth Square Market Caribbean Style
  • Noodle Shack
  • Otaru
  • Pacifico
  • Patty's Caribbean Cuisine
  • Peking Edo Food Cart
  • Pho Thai
  • Pho Ketkeo
  • Pitaziki
  • Pokelicious
  • Pokemoto
  • Portobello Latin Food Cart
  • RAWA Mediterrean
  • Rice Pot Thai
  • Ricky D's Rib Shack
  • Rubamba
  • Sandra's Next Generation
  • Seoul Restaurant
  • September in Bangkok
  • Sesame Felafel
  • Sherkaan
  • Sing-wah Chinese Restaurant
  • Sitar
  • Soul de Cuba
  • Steamed
  • Sushimizu
  • Sushi on Chapel
  • Tandoor
  • Taste of China
  • Te Amo Tequila
  • Tikkaway
  • Tomatillo
  • Tropical Caribbean Restaurant
  • Viva Zapata
  • Whalley seafood
  • Woody's Wings
  • Yamasaki Teriyaki
  • York Street Noodle House
  • Zaroka

Career-Related Events

There are a few career programs that are central to their work and offer every year. We hope that in contemplating your career programs, you will take into account the programs being offered by CDO and make efforts to provide career programs on distinct topics that provide insight beyond CDO's curriculum.

Regardless of whether a career event you are planning is co-sponsored with CDO, we strongly encourage you to inform CDO of your event as soon as it is planned. Communicating this information will assist everyone in avoiding conflicts of time, content, and speakers.

Core CDO Programs:

  • Resume and cover letter advice
  • Interviewing advice
  • FIP bidding advice
  • Succeeding in your summer job
  • Student Public Interest Career Fair
  • Law Firm Practice Area Forum
  • Financing summer and post-graduate work
  • Public interest fellowship opportunities
  • Overview of clerkship hiring
  • The components of a clerkship application

CDO can assist with:

  • Brainstorming topics and speakers and providing background information about previous similar events
  • Suggesting student groups with which to partner for increased impact
  • Travel arrangements for speakers
  • Advertising the event through CDO posters and receiving RSVPs
  • Securing a room
  • Placing the order for food for the event if it is being provided by the Dining Hall

Helpful Tips:

  • Events co-sponsored by CDO must be open to all YLS students
  • For events with private sector speakers, it's the expectation that the speaker's employer will sponsor the event and cover the event costs including travel, lodging, and food
  • For events with public sector speakers, CDO will reimburse up to 50% of the travel, lodging, and food costs.

Safety & Security at YLS

Occasionally, a student organization may wish to host a controversial speaker or event. If you are considering hosting such an event, please contact the Director of OSA to plan accordingly. This will usually involve conversations with Facilities and Yale Police.

Yale's Guidance regarding free expression and Peaceable Assembly for Students is available here.

Organizers and participants in demonstrations must be aware that certain individuals or groups may purposefully attempt to incite and disrupt what would otherwise be peaceful and civil protests.Organizers and participants are urged to engage in careful planning, to utilize university resources, and maintain situational awareness during a demonstration in order to address changing or unexpected circumstances.

Helpful Tips:

  • It's advisable to note on posters and social media that the event is restricted to the Yale Community and that IDs may be checked at the door
  • If YLS or Yale Police determine that additional security is needed, the student organization will be charged for those added security expenses.

Alcohol Policy

The minimum drinking age in CT is 21. Individuals must show proof of minimum drinking age by presenting a government-issued, photo identification in order to be served alcohol at a YLS event.

Beer and wine are the only alcoholic beverages that may be served at any YLS event. Students and guests are limited to a maximum of two alcoholic beverages for any such event.

A proportional amount of food and non-alcoholic beverages must be available at events where alcohol is served.

Use of the YLS Shield

The words "Yale Law School" and the Yale Law School shield are registered trademarks of Yale University. The shield cannot be used by a student organization on its website or print materials, or on items such as clothing or gifts.

Anyone interested in using the Yale name of trademarks for any purpose must contact the Law School's Office of Public Affairs. The design of items using the Law School name in any way must also be approved by Public Affairs and Yale University's Licensing before manufacture.