• Funding

    Journals overseen by OSA receive funding through OSA. Funds are kept in the University financial system with a separate account for each journal.

    Each journal has two budgets for the academic year: a Journal Discretionary Budget (gifts), and a General Allocation budget (OSA's allocation to the journal).

    In addition, OSA maintains a general journal account that covers all expenditures related to the cost of printing each of the journals. The general account is funded through royalties and subscription fees and supplemented by an allocation from OSA.

    Journals are expected to use their General Allocation budgets for journal-related events throughout the school year.

    To keep track of spending, you may access the ledger for your journal's account through your YaleConnect portal. Journal boards are responsible for updating the ledger as expenses are made.

    Please Note: General Allocation funds that are not spent in one academic year will not be carried over for the following year. The Discretionary Budget does roll over each year.

  • Fundraising

    Student-run journals may fundraise externally for additional funding.

    Prior to soliciting funds, student organizations must submit their solicitation materials and a solicitation recipient list to the Office of Student Affairs and the Development office in this form.

    Please be advised that Yale University will keep 12% of any gift you receive (this covers Yale's administrative costs and is true for all gifts made to the University).

    Should you receive gift funding, your editorial board is responsible for acknowledging the gift from the external source in writing. Student journals are responsible for recognizing gifts as promised in conjunction with the solicitation.

    All gift checks should be sent to the address below for processing:
    Yale Law School
    Office of Student Affairs
    P.O. Box 208215
    New Haven, CT 06510

  • Journal Spending

    There are three ways you may spend your funds:

    1. Having OSA purchase the goods or services on your behalf,
    2. Making the purchase yourself and requesting a reimbursement,
    3. Invoicing the expense with OSA paying the vendor directly.

    To have OSA make the purchase on your behalf, submit a reimbursement or submit an invoice from a vendor, you must fill out our Financial Intake Form.

    Should your office need office supplies, please contact Student Affairs, and we will order them for you through our business account. The Business Office will charge your journal’s account afterward.

    Yale Law School permits student organizations to purchase food and drink items for events. There is a two-drink maximum for alcoholic beverages (beer and wine only) per person, and a food and gift limit of $100.00 per person per event. For more on this, please see our Yale Alcohol Policy.

    Other appropriate uses of spending your allocation are:

    1. Transition and Training Meetings.
    2. Source Cite Meetings

    Student run journals should not use OSA funding for the following:

    1. Contributions to charitable organizations.
    2. Gifts to individuals