OSA Team

Jennifer Cerny

Associate Dean of Students

Jennifer Cerny joined Yale Law School in 2022 as Associate Dean overseeing the Offices of Student Affairs and Career Development. She was previously the Assistant Dean of Students at UConn School of Law and has over a decade of experience in law school student affairs. Prior to transitioning to higher education, Cerny practiced law with a focus on ADA and Employment. She has contributed to academic texts on topics ranging from supporting first-generation law students to female mentorship within the field of legal education and has presented nationally on admissions advising for students with disabilities, ADA application in clinical settings, and the use of personal narratives to address implicit bias. Before attending law school, Cerny worked in business development for a Wall Street-based venture capital company.

Rachelle Byron

Director of Student Affairs

Student Groups
Student Journals
Student-Run Conferences
Student Funding Requests

Caitlin Dougherty

Assistant Director of Student Affairs

YLS Events, Orientation & Commencement
Title IX Deputy Coordinator
YLS Accommodations Support
Student Emergencies & Support

Kathy Townsend

Assistant Director of Student Affairs

Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging
Affinity Groups
Dean's Advisors (DAs) & Peer Advocates (PAs)
Discrimination & Harrassment Resource Coordinator (DHRC)

Mia Wilson

Clinical Counselor

Individual counseling sessions
Solution focused therapy
Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)
Person-centered therapy

Jarilyn Blaine

Senior Administrative Assistant

OSA PCard Appointments
OSA Student Workers
OSA Events support
OSA & Journals Inbox support

Mary Korey

Senior Administrative Assistant

OSA Inbox
Student Journals Inbox
Student Group support
Associate Dean of Students support

Marcia Raymond

Financial Assistant

Financial Processing
Direct Vendor Invoices
PCard processing

Mishele Rodriguez

Financial Assistant

Financial Processing
Direct Vendor Invoices
PCard processing