Printing & Publishing

Sheridan: Yale Law School contracts with Sheridan, Inc. to provide the publishing services to all of our journals. Sheridan also manages the distribution of our journals to our subscribers. Our representative at Sheridan is Katy Seibert. Her e-mail is and can be contacted about questions related to printing, formatting, and more.

Macros: The computers in your respective journal office have the Macro publishing software you will need to properly format your journal. There are templates to assist with formatting articles to match the journal’s publication standards. Printing with the Macro publishing software is important because it strips away all previous settings and applies the appropriate setting for the journal professionally, while maintaining consistency with the previous journal publications already printed.

Page Limits: There is a 300 page maximum for each issue. If your journal prints 2 issues per academic year, the maximum pages allowed for print is 600 pages.

  • Bluebooks

    The Bluebook is a great resource in determining the source for all citations in your journal. Each journal should have several copies of the bluebook for use. If there is a need for additional bluebooks, the library has a limited number of extra copies that can be checked out for your reference.

  • Offprints

    Offprints are typically copies of articles or essays made during the initial print of the issue or volume. These copies are bound individual covers of their own. These prints are what will be given to the author in quantities of 25 copies. They are prepared directly after printing the journal, and mailed to the address of the author directly. This is because offprints are less expensive than printing an entire version of the journal.

  • Printing Timeline

    Once you have mapped out the schedule of producing your journal, please send to OSA so we can better support you during your process. This will also help OSA in answering any timeline questions received from journal subscribers.

    Production of the journal should follow these stages:

    1. Initial Proofs
    2. Revised Proofs
    3. Contract Proofs
    4. Printing/Publishing/Binding
  • Publishing

    All volumes should be published in accordance with the publication schedules for your respective journal.

    For those who operate on a subscription-based service, timely publications should reflect the work of Yale Law School and Yale University. Authors, subscribers, and subscription services all rely on effective and timely publication of issues. We recommend that articles be submitted for proofing at least two months before the publication date.

  • Complimentary Copies

    Each executive board member for your student-run journal will receive one complimentary copy of the volume and issue(s). You should provide a list of names and addresses to Sheridan when you are ready to go to print. Note: The expense of providing copies to your board will not come out of your General Allocation budgets. 

    Additional copies of the journal can be purchased at a discounted rate. Please contact OSA for more info.