General Info:

All Yale Law School Journals are edited and published by Yale Law School students.

Each of these journals have their own editorial board slated by the members of the journal. Editorial boards are slated based on the upcoming volume/academic year for each publication. The board may include, but is not limited to, Editors-in-Chief, Senior Managing Editors, Submission Editors, Managing Editors, etc.

Each board will hold office for a full term of the publication. Upon publication of the current volume, a new board should be slated.

Student Journal Support

OSA is here to help with any of your journal-related questions. OSA oversees all aspects of journal production, journal budgets, and subscriber management. Although we do not have a formal Journal Office, OSA supports students through the entire journal production process. Our goal is to make student involvement in the journal process a rewarding experience while upholding the YLS standards of quality, scholarship, and academic presentation.

If your journal has a manual that is being actively used, please send us a version so that we can keep a copy on file. Each journal should have a manual on file that outlines procedures for printing, elections, positions, mastheads, etc.

Journal Roles & Positions

Although these roles do not provide an exhaustive list of positions required to run a journal, we include them to explain these positions, and how they will relate specifically to our office.

Managing Editor

The role of the managing editor or business manager is related to the activities associated with the journal subscription office.

Finance Person

There should be one person responsible for the primary financial activities of the journal. This person should know the guidelines for purchasing and payments and convey that information to journal members. These include:

  1. Authorize expenditures prior to purchase
  2. Approve any reimbursements that are submitted
  3. Review financial statements
  4. Bill authors for extra reprints
  5. Verify information to be printed on the masthead.
Subscriptions Person

1. Send all checks and documentation to OSA

2. Send all claims to OSA to check the status

3. Refer all subscription-related questions to OSA

4. Alert OSA in advance of the submission of the issue to the printer.

Additional Helpful Info

  • YaleConnect

    Each student journal receives a YaleConnect Portal.

    YaleConnect is an all in one campus experience platform that allows student organizations to maintain membership, create public facing websites, events, save important documents, and more.

    Click here for helpful guides and resources as you navigate your YaleConnect portal.

  • Board Transition

    Once your student journal board is slated for the upcoming volume or issue, please inform OSA so that we may help with your transition.

    Re-registration Process: Student-run journals are also required to submit our Student Group Re-registration Form in YaleConnect. Failure to do so by the deadline of July 1 can result in your student journal not receiving funding for non-printing related costs.

    Student Leadership Training: OSA will host a journal board member training at the start of each fall semester. At least one journal e-board member will have to attend this training for your group to receive credit.

    OSA will meet briefly with incoming EICs to discuss a plan for the upcoming semester, and to provide relevant information to each journal.

  • Journal Websites

    Each journal is given the opportunity to have their own page on YaleConnect. Each board has autonomy over their own sites, and should be actively updated as needed. Journal board members must be listed as "officers" in order to maintain your site.

    If your journal does not have a website, or should you have any changes you'd like to make to an existing one, please e-mail the student journal e-mail address:

  • Journal Offices

    New space for journals is under construction in the lower level of Baker Hall.  In the interim, journals that need space for meetings and source cites can use Baker 10.  The new space is scheduled for completion later in the Fall semester of 2022.

  • Back Issues

    Each journal maintains copies of every issue of the journal for archival purposes. The library should also have copies in their Special Collections Department. These books may be checked out or reviewed at Special Collections. Printed copies of back issues for each journal is available for purchase directly through Sheridan, our publisher. Sheridan will only print back issues if the order is placed in increments of 25 copies or more.

  • Journal Mail

    All journal mail should be sent to the Law School's Mailroom.

    To send materials to the Law School, please address mail to:

    • Courier: Yale Law School, Office of Student Affairs,127 Wall Street, Room 130, New Haven, CT 06511
    • U.S. Mail: Yale Law School, Office of Student Affairs, P.O. Box 208215, New Haven, CT 06520
  • Author Agreements

    Yale University holds the sole ownership rights to all of the student-run journals. As a condition of these rights, Yale Law School requires that each author assign the copyright of the article solely to the journal.

    Maintaining the copyrights of these articles enables Yale Law School to comply with the contractual obligations of legal research companies that make the published content available to the public. Form agreements can be found in your journal shared-drive.

    When you accept an article from an author, the Author Agreement must be signed before proceeding further with the article or essay. Author agreements must be signed by both the author and the EIC of the journal. Journals should retain a copy of the signed agreements and send a copy to OSA. You may also upload a copy of the agreement to your YaleConnect page for record.

    Authors receive 25 complimentary offprints of their article. Co-authors divide the complimentary 25 copies as they see fit.

  • Copyright

    Journals may grant the right of publication for all or any part of the article for public use. Permission requests are granted for educational uses. If a request comes from a for-profit company, even if it is for an educational use, journals should charge at least $25.00USD per article.

    Copyright fees may be charged when the article is used. Sample copyright permissions can be found on your journal's shared-drive.

  • Subscriptions

    Subscription inquires should be directed to the OSA Journals e-mail address: All subscriber lists are kept and maintained by OSA. Please make sure all subscribers' checks are given to OSA as soon as they come in.