Student Journals

All Yale Law School Journals are edited and published by Yale Law School students. Each journal has an editorial board slated by the members of the journal. Editorial boards are slated based on each publication's upcoming volume/academic year. The board may include Editors-in-Chief, Senior Managing Editors, and Submission Editors, among others. Each board will hold office for the full term of the publication. Upon publication of the current volume, a new board should be slated.

Student Journals 2023-24

There are nine Yale Law School student journals this academic year.

These include some journals published in an online format with no subscription required:

Yale Journal of Law & Liberation | Yale Journal of Law & Technology | Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities | Yale Journal of Health, Policy, Law & Ethics

There are three journals published in a print format (subscription required):

Yale Journal of International Law | Yale Journal on Law & Feminism | Yale Law and Policy Review

There are two journals that operate independently from the Office of Student Affairs. These journals are separate 501(c)3 organizations with independent Boards of Directors and should be contacted directly with inquiries:

Yale Law Journal | Yale Journal on Regulation

  • Student Journals

    Student Journal Support
    OSA will support with journal production, journal budgets, and subscriber management with the goal of upholding the YLS standards of quality, scholarship, and academic presentation. Once you have mapped out the schedule of journal production, please send the timeline to OSA ( so we can better support your process and help us answer any questions regarding timing from journal subscribers.

    Student Journal Funding
    Each journal receives a general allocation to support source cites, editorial board transition meetings, and other journal-related activities. OSA maintains a general journal account that covers all expenditures related to the cost of printing the journals. The general account is funded through royalties and subscription fees and supplemented by an allocation from OSA. Review policies and financial processing procedures that are applicable to all student groups (including student journals).

    Journals Suite in Baker Hall - Room Reservations & Use of Space
    All YLS student journals have a shared space available in Baker Hall (except Yale Law Journal, which has space in SLB). Review room reservations and use of space details here.

    Journal Mail
    All journal mail should be sent to the Law School's Mailroom.
    To send materials to the Law School, please address mail to:
    Courier: Yale Law School, NAME OF JOURNAL,127 Wall Street, Room 130, New Haven, CT 06511
    U.S. Mail: Yale Law School, NAME OF JOURNAL, P.O. Box 208215, New Haven, CT 06520

    Student journal e-mail address:

    Journal Subscriptions
    Subscription inquiries should be directed to the OSA Journals e-mail address: All subscriber lists are kept and maintained by OSA. Please make sure all subscribers' checks are given to OSA as soon as they come in.

    Author Agreements
    Yale University holds the sole ownership rights to all of the student-run journals. As a condition of these rights, Yale Law School requires that each author assign the copyright of the article solely to the journal. Maintaining the copyrights of these articles enables Yale Law School to comply with the contractual obligations of legal research companies that make the published content available to the public. Form agreements can be found in your journal shared-drive. When you accept an article from an author, the Author Agreement must be signed before proceeding further with the article or essay. Author agreements must be signed by both the author and the EIC of the journal. Journals should retain a copy of the signed agreements and send a copy to OSA. You may also upload a copy of the agreement to your YaleConnect page for record. Authors receive 25 complimentary offprints of their article. Co-authors divide the complimentary 25 copies as they see fit.

    Journals may grant the right of publication for all or any part of the article for public use. Permission requests are granted for educational uses. If a request comes from a for-profit company, even if it is for an educational use, journals should charge at least $25.00USD per article. Copyright fees may be charged when the article is used. This money would be applied to the general journals account to support the operating budget.

    The Bluebook is a great resource in determining the source for all citations in your journal. Each journal should have several copies of the bluebook for use. If there is a need for additional bluebooks, the library has a limited number of extra copies that can be checked out for your reference.

  • Printing

    Yale Law School contracts with Sheridan, Inc. to provide the publishing services to all YLS journals. Sheridan also manages the distribution of YLS journals to subscribers. The YLS representative at Sheridan is Katy Seibert. Her e-mail is and she can be contacted about questions related to printing, formatting, and more.

    The Macro publishing software provides templates to assist with formating articles to match the journal's publication standards. It will remove all previous settings and apply the appropriate settings for a professional journal while maintaining consistency with previously printed publications.

    Page Limits
    There is a 300 page maximum for each issue. If a journal prints 2 issues per academic year, the maximum pages allowed for print is 600 pages.

    Offprints are typically copies of articles or essays made during the initial print of the issue or volume that are bound and given to the author in quantities of 25 copies. They are prepared after printing the journal, and mailed directly to the author's address.

    Complimentary Copy for Executive Board Members
    Each executive board member for student-run journals will receive one complimentary copy of the volume and issue(s). Journals should provide a list of names and addresses to Sheridan when ready to go to print. Note: The expense of providing copies to the executive board will not come out of the journal's General Allocation budget.

    Journal Back Issues
    The YLS Library has back issues in the Special Collections Department that may be checked out for review. OSA also has many back issues for archival purposes in the OSA suite. Printed copies of back issues for each journal is available for purchase directly through Sheridan, the YLS journals' publisher. Sheridan will only print back issues if the order is placed in increments of 25 copies or more.