Travel and Lodging:

General Info

  • New Haven hotels can invoice for room and other charges incurred by visitors and student groups. Speaker and student travel-related expenses can be paid for by OSA. Yale has negotiated rates for all of the area hotels.
  • To request assistance with making travel arrangements for OSA sponsored activities, please fill out a Travel and Lodging Assistance Request Form in the OSA portal of YaleConnect.
  • If a speaker wants to make their own travel arrangements, they cannot be reimbursed until after the travel has been completed. A YLS student organization member will need to fill out Reimbursement Form on the OSA portal of YaleConnect on behalf of the speaker.
  • OSA does not reimburse travel for guests of the speaker.
  • OSA must authorize off-campus student organization travel arrangements for events that involve travel outside of the tri-state area during the academic year.
  • OSA can work with you to reserve rental cars and charge the cost of the rental directly to your organization's Yale Account. Contact OSA at least two weeks in advance before the travel date to reserve cars.
  • Each student must submit an Assumption of Risk and Release Liability Form

*Note: The ability to travel is based on whether whether Yale University permits travel across all Yale institutions

  • Students cannot sign contracts. Any contracts must be referred to OSA.
  • Student Org retreats should be financed using gift funds
  • Student Orgs must abide by food and alcohol policy
  • Discuss transportation options with OSA in advance
  • Be mindful of Covid guidelines, particularly to ensure event is inclusive for immunocompromised students


Air Travel

Travelers are expected to book the lowest available economy class airfare consistent with business requirements.

Rental Cars

Law Students who have taken and passed the Driver Safety Awareness program are covered by Yale's insurance for LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) and SLP/SLI (Supplemental Liability Protection / Supplemental Liability Insurance). Students who have not taken the driver's class should purchase LDW and SLP/SLI of $1,000,000. PAE / PAI / PAC / PEC / PEP (Personal Accident or Effects / Personal Accident Insurance) is to cover medical costs and is NOT reimbursable by Yale

• Domestic Rentals: Decline (do not purchase) all additional insurance for any rental in the continental United States. Additional insurance will not be reimbursed.

• Passenger Vans: Yale does not permit the rental of 12 and 15 passenger vans because of the possibility of serious accidents and injury to passengers. The Office of Risk Management will not extend Yale’s insurance to these vehicles.

Refer to the Yale Travel Management website for more details regarding air and rail travel, rental car options and insurance policies at


Travelers should choose a reasonably priced hotel

Individual Meals (meals while traveling)

Travelers will be reimbursed for reasonable, actual meal expenses. As a guideline, actual meal expenses should not be greater than the per diem allowance set by the federal government for the city visited.

The reimbursable per person maximum is $100. The Controller's Office must approve, in advance, any expense greater than $100 per person and will only do so under extraordinary circumstances. Business meals above $100 per person that the Controller’s Office does not approve will be considered a personal expenseand will not be reimbursed.

Refer to Yale University Policy 3302 Business Meals, Entertainment and Other Social Events at