Student-run journals at Yale Law School are integral to the academic life in the YLS community and beyond. Student-run journals provide students with the opportunity to engage intellectually within an array of multiple fields in law, while developing their writing and scholarship.

Yale Law School produces a number of journals each year, under the supervision of the Office of Student Affairs. Some of the journals are published in an online format (no subscription required):

Yale Journal of Law & Technology
Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities
Yale Journal of Health, Policy, Law & Ethics

Three of our journals publish a print version (subscription required):

Yale Journal of International Law
Yale Journal on Law & Feminism
Yale Law and Policy Review

Two journals operate independently from the Office of Student Affairs. These journals are separate 501(c)3 organizations with independent Boards of Directors and should be contacted directly:

Yale Law Journal
Yale Journal on Regulation

This handbook was made to help journal editors seamlessly transfer into their new roles and to understand the responsibilities of both creating the journals, and being part of the student journal conglomerate. The journals under the oversight of OSA are subject to the procedures and guidelines set forth in this Handbook, and the Student Organization Handbook. OSA endeavors to support journal work from academic matters to subscription logistics to management challengers. We hope that this Handbook on the Student-Run Journals will serve you in creating and overseeing your respective student-run journal. OSA wants to make your experience as meaningful and as easy as possible.

- Chloe Bush
Director of Student Affairs