Student Organization Membership

YLS student organization must comply with the University's Equal Opportunity Statement. All YLS student organizations must be open to all YLS students.

The membership of a YLS student organization may include other students at Yale University so long as there is a simple majority of YLS students. Other individuals may be included in the activities and events of the organization at the invitation of its members, but are not considered official members of the organization and cannot hold officer positions.

As a not for profit, Yale University is subject to a number of regulations to ensure that we do not compromise Yale's tax status.

Liaising with OSA

In order to facilitate information transfer and ensure expenses are appropriately monitored, each recognized student organization must designate a contact person and budget officer/treasurer.

Contact Person:

The contact person's name and e-mail address will be circulated to members of the YLS community. This individual should be prepared to field questions from the YLS community about their organization and activities.

Budget Officer:

The Budget Officer is responsible for ensuring all of the organization's members follow the procedures in this handbook. The Budget Officer will need to keep track of the group's expenses during the academic year so that the group stays within budget.

The Budget Officer will be responsible for reviewing the budget reports sent by the YLS budget office and managing their student organization's Accounting Book in YaleConnect . If there is any incorrect charge to the organization's account, the budget officer should promptly notify OSA.

If your Budget Officer also manages fundraising and gifts to their student organization, the Budget Officer will be responsible for notifying OSA of any donations that the student group is anticipating to ensure they can be properly recorded.

Student Organizations and OSA

  • Student Leadership Training

    At least one board member of each recognized student organization must attend OSA's  fall leadership training.

  • Student Organization Responsibilities

    All student organizations must abide by relevant YLS and Yale University policies. Organizations, their officers and members are responsible for knowing and complying with the policies of the Office of Student Affairs.

    Student organization leaders must keep all relevant documents for future boards in your YaleConnect group portal so historical information can be passed down.

    This is a wonderful professional development opportunity. OSA is here to help and offer advice.

  • Registering your Student Organization

    All student organizations must re-register their student group each summer through OSA's YaleConnect portal. This helps OSA keep track of active organizations and allows your organization to submit your funding requests for the following academic year.

    If a student group does not re-register each year, the student organization is deemed inactive and ineligible for funding.  If not reactivated, the organization becomes defunct and must apply for reinstatement.

  • Student Organization Logos

    Student organizations may have a logo. Please send the proposed design to and OSA  will loop Yale licensing and the Office of Public Affairs for secure approval for the design (per the guidelines). If a student group  wishes to purchase apparel or other gifts using the Yale name, you must receive prior approval of the design before purchasing. Please e-mail for approval.

    The Yale name and marks associated with the University are protected by trademark law and governed by Yale Trademark Licensing. Any use by student groups of the Yale name or trademarks in the title or caption of a publication or an organization or the like, on any promotional materials, or on any item or product to be manufactured, distributed, or sold by an individual or an organization, must be approved by the Secretary of the University or the Secretary’s duly authorized agents, and under such restrictions and explanations as they may impose or require. Guidelines and requirements are available from the office of Yale Trademark Licensing.

    No student organization may reproduce a stylized version of the Yale name and/or use any University marks in its literature, on a website, on its stationery, or in other media without prior written approval. The full name of the organization, including any subtitle, must be included on all materials, including but not limited to agreements, stationery, posters, websites, business cards, and merchandise whenever the organization includes the Yale name to identify itself.

    As of 2017 new student organizations wishing to use Yale in the name/logo, are required to indicate in the name/logo that it is a student organization. Existing student groups whose name/logo was approved prior to2017 are encouraged to follow these new guidelines.

    Note, other organizations trademarked logo’s may not be used or altered, in conjunction with any Yale logo.

  • Student Organization Websites

    Each official recognized student organization has an organization page on YaleConnect ( Updates to the student organization web pages are managed by student board members. Updates to student organization pages should be completed on an annual basis at minimum.

    Yale Connect serves as an online platform that allows you to update your organization’s membership and leadership, save your organization’s documents, materials and post your events on one event calendar. All student leaders must be listed as an "officer" in their respective student group portal to reap the benefits of their YaleConnect portal.

    Organizations are strongly encouraged to use Yales web platform.  Organizations using non-YLS and University platforms should make sure that information on how to access and edit the site is transferred from board to board. The transition information should be shared with OSA to ensure access is not lost and renewal of domain names can be done in a timely manner. Student organizations are responsible for the maintenance of their websites.

  • Student Organization E-mails

    Student organization e-mail accounts should be your primary tool of communication. If your student group does not have one, you may request an official e-mail account at

    E-mail accounts can be associated with multiple individuals and do not have to have a separate login and password. In order for students to have access to these accounts, they must be added by members of OSA.

    One you are assigned the e-mail account, follow these three steps to access:

    1. Login to your personal e-mail account on the Outlook 365 webmail client
    2. Click on your initials on the top right corner of your screen.
    3. Click "Open another mailbox..."
    4. Enter the e-mail address for your organization. This should populate the e-mail account in another tab on your screen.