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The First-Year Counselor Program was established in 1938 and has been ever since an intrinsic and essential component of Yale's advising system for first-years. The program has evolved in many ways over the years, but the general purpose of the program has remained the same: to help ease the transition of incoming first-years to the academic, social, and cultural life of Yale College. Applicants are urged to seriously consider how serving as a counselor fits into their plans and obligations for senior year. They are also encouraged to discuss the prospect of applying for a position with their residential college dean. Heads of residential colleges, cultural center directors, and current first-year counselors may also be useful to consult. While the responsibilities of counselors are heavy, and the demands made on their time and energy are great, the opportunity to support students encountering Yale for the first time is profoundly important and uniquely rewarding. In the eyes of many first-years, no position at Yale is more significant; and for many counselors, no other job is more satisfying.









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23-24 First-Year Counselor Applications

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