Presentations 2023


Click on the image of the presenter to read their biography and paper abstract. Presenters are arranged alphabetically, by last name. You will be able to view the conference schedule on the 2023 Conference tab, which archives the order of presentations. Recordings will be linked to each individual's page if available.

Aseel Asab

"Blessed Be the Strangers: An Islamic Ethical Framework for Eschatological Time"

Caroline Blosser

"Continuing a Theo-Ethical Reflection of Compost"

Rocky Douglas

"Towards Black Landways as Ecologies of Loss"

Peter Green

"Violence toward Mother Earth: An ecological reading of the Cain and Abel narrative in Genesis 4"

Hina Khalid

"Holding the Hems of Humility and Hope: An Islamic Response to the Climate Crisis"

Nicole Kallsen

"Discipleship of the Senses: How Dance Offers an Embodied Approach for Christians to Engage with the Ecological Crisis"

Laura Kelly

"Recognizing the Ecological Self in Migration and Pastoral Theology"

Warren Lattimore

"Melancholic Hope and the Anthropocene"

Liz MacWhirter

"'Blue: A Lament for the Sea'; A Creative-Critical Paper"

Tim Middleton

"The Cry of the Earth': Speaking Theologically about the Earth as Traumatised"

Richard Mullins

"Balaam's Donkey's Lament: "Listen to the Animals and they will tell you." Equids in Biblical Prophecy and Modern Solutions"

Frédérique Ndatirwa & Kathryn Price

"Hope in the Midst of Ecological Crisis: What Womanist Theology Teaches us About Lament and Justice"

Sarah Neff

"The Dangers of Hyperempathy: Entanglement and Ethics in Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower and Charlotte McConaghy's Once There Were Wolves"

Anne Nelson

"'Ambiguous Loss: Art at the Intersection of Practices for Grieving and Imagination"

Emmanuel Ojeifo

"Africa's Ecological Crisis: Geographies of Lamentation, Cartographies of Hope"

Beth Quick

"Ecogrief: Denial and Hope, Death and Resurrection"

Ava Randel

"Knowing Our Limits Gets Us Further: A Theology of Structural Sin and Finitude in Anthropogenic Climate Change"

Vivian Saxon

"Dying Well: Climate Change, Palliative Care, and Ars Moriendi"

Miriam Silverman Israel

"Expanding Circles of Holiness: A Jewish Response to Climate Grief"

Rupert Smith

"Ruin'd Pieces of Nature: Eden Sank to Grief in King Lear"

Gil Stoy

"Hope and Certain Death: A Christian Response to an (Un)Avoidable Ecological Crisis"

Katherine Tarrant

"The Journey Forward: Climate Denialism, Cognitive Dissonance, and the Mysticism of Dorothee Soelle"

Hendrawan Wijoyo

"Ratap Harap: Ecological Languish and Urban Vision of Indonesian Capital Cities"

Anika Reynar

Mennonites, Maya, and Genetically Modified Seeds: Towards practices of restorative solidarity in Campeche, Mexico