Virtual Schedule

10am | Opening

11:15am | Inter-faith Prayer

11:20am | Keynote Speaker

Dr. Rebecca Copeland

"Placemaking Practices, Religious Interpretations"

11:55am | Lunch Break

12:15pm | Lunch Tables

  • Making Home in New Haven: The Ecology and Built Environment of the Elm City
  • Eco-Conscious Political Economy: Building Healthy Economic & Political Structures
  • What's Next After Paris? COP 26, Activism, & the Global Environmental Movement
  • Home Cookin': Agriculture, Farming, Food, Health
  • Communication and Education: Creatively Engaging with All Audiences
  • Inter-faith Religious & Environmental Activism
  • Liturgy: Dreaming Up New and Digging Up Old Rituals to Help Us Navigate the Climate Crisis
  • Eco-Anxiety and Climate Grief: Body + Soul Care

12:45 pm | Presentation Session 1

Room 1

Alice Millington | "Bhutanese Buddhism in an Era of Climate Change: What Lessons Can be Learned in the West?"

Noah Gourlie | "Traditional Experience of Sacred Space in Nature and a Vision for Property Use"

Kristi Haas, Melissa Coles, and Ross Jensen | "Place to Place: A Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue on Placemaking, Practice, and Re/Creation"

Room 2

Adam Vander Tuig | "Reading Water Everywhere: Toward a Lutheran Hydromeneutic"

Katie Grosh | "Death Disrupted: COVID-19, Green Burial Practices, and Renewing Hope"

Tara Woodward | "Rural Readings: The Intersections of Lived Theology and Text on Modern Agrarianism"

Room 3

Jalen Parks | "Animacies and Animisms: Poetic Reflections on Lifelines"

Clara Sims | "Creation Crucified: Our Salvation in Process"

Kyle McCaffery | "Climate Crisis and Chickens: Moral Formation in a Catholic Worker Community"

1:45pm | Break

2:00pm | Presentation Session 2

Room 1

Noah B Humphrey | "Christianity and the Ecological Effect on Medical Kahuna In Native Hawai'i"

Colton Bernasol | "'He Taught Me to Love the Earth': Carlos Bulosan's 'America is in the Heart'"

Molly Loomis Tyson | "Leaving Yellowstone for Yale: Searching for Sense of Place Along the 43rd Parallel"

Room 2

Sergio Lopez | "Yes In God's Backyard: Addressing Our Housing and Ecological Crisis Through Ministry"

John Willis | "A Creaturely Community: Holiness and Animist Ethics in Leviticus 20:22-26"

Richard Ray | "Identity Earth: An Invocation of the Ecological Self"

Room 3

Samuel Davidson | "Phobia as Ecological Hermeneutic: Agoraphobic Phenomenology and Willie James Jennings' Vision of Creation"

Stephen Di Trolio Coakley | "Anibal Quijano and el Bien Vivir: Latin America, Ecology and Resistance"

Samuel King | "Negotiating the Center and the Periphery: Conceptions of Nature in Early Chinese Poetry"

3:00pm | Closing

3:05pm | Closing Happy Hour