Virtual Schedule

10am | Opening

11:15am | Inter-faith Prayer

11:20am | Keynote Speaker

Dr. Melanie Harris

Professor of Black Feminist and Womanist Theologies at Wake Forest University

11:00am | Break

11:15 am | Presentation Session 1

Room 1

Nissi Karunya | “Greening of Nature in Feminist Writings: A Comparative Study of "When Women Were Birds" by Terry Tempest Williams and "The Hunt" by Mahaswetha Devi”

Jamie Myrose | “"To Dust You Shall Return": Recovering a Biblical, Ecological Spirituality”

Zack Kahler | “Washing the Feet of Creation: Reimagining the Politics of Ecological Space through a Christological Transvaluation of Power”

Room 2

Al Lim | “Bitcoin, A Religion: Ambivalent Sacrality Between Hope and Environmental Degradation”

Gilbrian Stoy | “A Cornerstone Rejected: Cistercian Architecture as a Model for Integrated Ecology”

Sana Iqbal | “Understanding Satpanthi Ginanic Compositions using an Ecocritical Lens”

Room 3

Erin Hardnett | “On Heaven and the Wilderness: African American Eschatology and the Natural World”

Tyler Mark Nelson | “The Sabbath of Trees in Wendell Berry's 'This Day'”

Natasha Chawla | “Forgotten Seeds: A Poet-Philosopher's Hope”

12:15pm | Lunch Tables

Room 1: New Seeds: Emerging Religious and Spiritual Environmental Practices

Room 2: Strong Roots: Sustaining Tradition and History in Religious Ecological Life

Room 3: Hope, Healing, Restoration: Caring for Self and Community in Climate Crisis

12:45pm | Panel Speakers

Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman, Medicine Woman Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel, Imam Saffet Adib Catovic

1:30pm | Break

1:40pm | Presentation Session 2

Room 1

Tyng-Guang Chu | “A Prophet and a Pontiff in a Globalizing World—The Book of Amos and Laudato Si in Dialogue for Our Times”

Azadeh Vatanpour | “The Yarsan Environmental Identity: The Preservation and Restoration of the Zagros Mountainous Landscape through Eco-spirituality”

Gromyko Dumuje | “Stewardship in Africa in the 21st Century and Beyond: Religion, Ecology and the Challenge of Sacred Responsibility”

Room 2

Gabe LePage | “Cultural Services of Church Land Stewardship: The Stillmeadow Method”

Deanna Zantingh | “Reconciliation is a Radical Ecological Vision of Care: Treaty As Deep Roots for a (Re)new(ed) Social Contract”

Cèsar “CJ” Baldelomar | “Seeds Recast: Ecojustice Talk Reimagined”

Room 3

Nathan Jowers | “When We Lose What Binds us Here: Hilda Morley and Responding to Extinction”

Christopher Hoskins | “Recognizing the Ecological Self in Migration and Pastoral Theology”

Nailah Garard | “Black/Land Ministries”

2:50pm | Closing Remarks and Meditation

3:00pm | Closing Happy Hour