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We are the leading YLS student group dedicated to promoting progressive governance at the federal, state, and local levels. With threats to our democracy growing, this is a critical time to stand up for civil rights, equal economic opportunity, reproductive justice, criminal justice reform, and environmental protection. Whether you are preparing for a career in politics, looking for a way to make your voice heard on an issue that matters to you, excited about getting Democrats elected, or just interested in learning more about what progressive political change would mean, we hope you’ll participate in our work and join our community.



The Yale Law Democrats is a group for progressive students interested in policy, elections, and governing. We work to create opportunities for students to become involved with Democratic campaigns and policy work at all levels of government. We also focus on broadening the political discussion at the law school by ensuring that viewpoints of progressive advocates and policymakers are heard. We sponsor speakers, and an annual career trip, and internal events.


E: ylsdems@yale.edu

Yale Law Democrats

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