Welcome to the Disabled Law Students Association (DLSA)

About Us

The Yale Law School Disabled Law Students Association (DLSA) is a law student affinity group comprised of communities situated within a broad disability umbrella. Our community includes neurodivergent students, students with learning disabilities or non-traditional learning styles, students with mental health or emotional conditions, Deaf or hard-of-hearing students, low vision or blind students, students with chronic illnesses, students with mobility disabilities, and other students who receive or would like to receive accommodations.

We define our affinity group broadly, welcoming anyone who identifies as a member. Our aim is to foster a sense of community and increase the legal profession's accessibility and cultural competency surrounding disability. We provide individualized support to our members in accessing accommodations and ensuring their needs are being met at the law school, in internships, and across other contexts. It is our hope that, through our organization, our members can support each other in navigating the legal profession.

E: yls.dlsa@yale.edu

Disabled Law Students Association

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