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About Us

Founded in 2019, we strive to create a space for the academic and professional development of international students at the Yale School of Public Health and truly bring diverse and global voices to the public health field.

Our Flagship Programs

To create an enriching environment for our international students, we run multiple flagship programs.

Buddy Program

The Buddy Program aims to pair new international students with a more experienced international student at YSPH who is primarily responsible for offering advice, encouragement, guidance, and knowledge regarding life at Yale.

Join the program to make a new international friend! We will try our best to match your background and needs.

"Ask An Alum" Series

Our "Ask An Alum" series is a regular series where we invite distinguished alumni to share about their path from YSPH to their current career. Past speakers include data analysts from CVS and Global Health Professor. This series is a great opportunity to learn more about internship opportunity, career planning, life after Yale, etc.

Career Development Workshops

To help provide professional development for our students, we host a wide range of workshops for students to hone their skillset. These workshops range from learning how to conduct a search strategy (taught in partnership with our librarian), to understanding and working towards specific career aspirations.

Our Team

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Xiaoya Sun

President or Chair
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