GSAS New Student Orientation | Fall 2023

Welcome to Yale!

Welcome to Yale and to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS)! Here you'll find everything to get started as you embark on your graduate education. In addition to events and checklists for orientation, here you can find links to helpful sites, resources and more!









Our Team

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Yanning Liu

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Jessica Kasamoto

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Edel Aron

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Cole Jensen

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Maya Foster

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Anthony Etim

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Anjiabei Wang

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Afina Erata

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Ju Hyun Lee

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Marie McCusker

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Kriti Agrawal

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Alaaddin Ibrahimy

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Rory Stewart

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Alev Baysoy

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Brianna Jackson

Peer Orientation Mentor (POM) - GSAS Student
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Matthew Tanico

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Jennifer Mendelsohn

GSAS Staff

P: 203-432-2583 (voice-mail only)

GSAS New Student Orientation 2023

McDougal Graduate Student Life Office, 135 Prospect Street - upper Level McDougal Graduate Student Center, Yale GSAS
New Haven CT 06511