Leadership Team

Aneta Gasiewska

Aneta is a second year MBA/MPH candidate at Yale, with background in strategy consulting for healthcare and pharma. She comes from Poland, and prior to moving to the US has been living in Switzerland. She loves all things outdoors, from road biking through running and hiking to mountaineering.

Marc Ibanez Diaz

Marc is a second year MA in Global Affairs candidate at Yale's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, with background in strategy consulting for the financial services industry. He comes from Barcelona. He loves to debate about any political issue, cooking and sailing.

Jan Laukin

Jan is an MPH candidate at Yale, with a background in big Pharma. He comes from Germany, and prior to moving to the US he has been living in Switzerland, France and Germany. He loves playing golf, good wines and most importantly iberico de bellota ham.

Max Schubert

Max is a first-year MEM candidate at the Yale School of the Environment, where he specializes in Business and Industrial Ecology. Coming from Germany originally, he has worked with different United Nations Organizations and with Deloitte as Sustainability Consultant. Beyond Yale, Max engages in a variety of activities ranging from sports to voluntary involvements in NGOs.

Bianca Serio

Bianca is an exchange master's student from University College London, studying developmental neuroscience and psychopathology. She comes from Italy and Switerland and has also lived in France and the UK. She is passionate about horse riding, and enjoys eating good food, learning new languages and playing volleyball outdoors.

Viola Taubmann

Viola is a second year master’s student at the Yale School of the Environment, where she studies sustainable agricultural systems. Originally from Germany, she enjoys climbing, mountain biking and trail running.

Hidde Verholt

Hidde is a first year master’s student in Statistics & Data Science at Yale. Originally from The Netherlands, he has been living in the US for the past five years for his undergraduate studies at Northwestern University and his master’s here at Yale. He enjoys sports, going to the beach, and trying out new recipes/restaurants.