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Yale has an extraordinary range of resources to fuel your intellectual and academic passions, and the community and support to help sustain you as you work toward your professional goals. Libraries and labs, working groups, centers, institutes, health and wellness resources, student organizations and more - you will weave all of these together in ways that best fit your own needs and interests during your time as a student. To help you navigate these resources, we are launching this GSAS Professional Development group to gather the many events and programs happening around campus in one place.

Navigating Success

We are committed to fostering a campus community in which all members can achieve their highest potential. Yale has many resources for students seeking guidance, support, or additional information about thriving in graduate school, building your professional skills, and planning your career.

Events & Activities

Join our Yale Connect group to see many of the events, programs, workshops, and other activities related to your academic and personal success as a graduate student all in one place.


Visit the corresponding webpages on the Graduate School's website to find more resources to build core competencies and skills.

Connect on Cross Campus

Visit Cross Campus to connect with alumni mentors and learn about careers within and beyond the academy.

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