Student Groups

Recognized YDS Student Groups, 2022-2023

Follow the links below to explore and be involved with the 20+ recognized YDS Students groups for the 2022-2023 year.

Denominational/Worship Groups Cultural and/or Affinity Groups Special Interest Academic Interest
YDS Anglican Fellowship Yale Black Seminarians Common Ground Divinity Colloquium
Korean Evangelical Student Group DivineAbilities YDS Women's Center
Roman Catholic Fellowship DivOut Divinnovation
Evangelical Fellowship Asian Students Association Paracleats
Reformed Students Group Native Crossroads YDS Film Club
Lutheran Student Organization Club Creole
Disciples of Christ Student Group La Communidad
Anything But Christian

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Denominational/Worship Groups

YDS Anglican Fellowship

YDS Anglican Fellowship seeks to live out the unity of the Church while recognizing and examining its divisions, especially those in the Anglican tradition. We seek to be the Church in its humble brokenness rather than win over fellow Christians to our own theological positions. We seek to listen, learn and pray together, thereby witnessing to the YDS community what reconciliation can look like in local communities. All Christians interested in learning to navigate theological difference are welcome.

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Korean Evangelical Student Group

The Korean Evangelical Student Group consists of both Koreans and Evangelical students at YDS including Korean-American, Korean-Korean, and those who identify themselves as Evangelical. This group has two purposes in its foundation: To encourage and help the Korean students, so-called ‘minority group’ in YDS community, to grow and sustain their identities by the means of prayers, worship and fellowship. Also, to contribute to the YDS community, the group will present its own ethnicity and religious identity with an open mind.

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Roman Catholic Fellowship

RCF exists to bring the Catholic students of YDS together as a community to learn together, grow in our Catholic faith and get involved in local community events and service opportunities.

The goals of RCF are to find intentional community and embrace the diversity of being Catholic at YDS, be a connection point for fellow Catholic students and faculty, attend and host social, faith-oriented and social events both in-person and online, share information about local opportunities for worship and community service and social justice, and to provide support for the brand-new Roman Catholic Lay Ministry Colloquium.

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Evangelical Fellowship

The Evangelical Fellowship strives to nurture spiritual disciplines, fellowship, and Spirit-led worship among the entire YDS community. Weekly meetings include prayer and intercession, contemporary worship, and brief reflections from students. We invite the YDS community to join us as we seek to encounter the presence of God in our daily lives.

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Reformed Students Group

The Reformed Student Group hosts weekly student-led worship services intended to make room for non-academic spiritual reflection and building meaningful community. Created by students in the Reformed Studies Program, the services are often led by students belonging to Reformed and Reformed-adjacent traditions and borrow from Presbyterian (PCUSA) liturgies. However, the services are broadly ecumenical and open to all. The Reformed Student Group provides a space to explore what it means to be Reformed in the 21st century. In addition to our weekly worship, the group meets for more traditional PCUSA communion services on the first Sunday evening of each month. These services include a student-led homily and are presided over by an ordained minister in the Reformed tradition.

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Lutheran Student Organization

Through worship, retreats, barbecues, and informal gatherings, the Lutheran Student Organization (LSO) provides fellowship for all students involved in the Lutheran traditions. Functioning within YDS’s Lutheran Studies Program, students plan Tuesday evening worship and fellowship. The LSO also sponsors guest speakers and discussion forums for issues pertinent to the YDS community.

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Disciples of Christ Student Group

The UCC/DOC group gathers to share in times of fellowship over luncheon discussions, dinner socials, worship, and community service opportunities. All are welcome.

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Cultural and/or Affinity Groups

Yale Black Seminarians

Yale Black Seminarians is a faith-based, student-led organization committed to enhancing the lives of black students at Yale Divinity School. The mission of the Yale Black Seminarians serves the entire Yale Divinity School community with a committed focus on mobilizing the presence of black students through advocacy, faith and the pursuit of justice. Activities have included the Fall Revival, the Martin Luther King Day Worship Service, the Angel Tree Project at Christmas, and the Parks-King Lecture in the Spring.

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Our goal is to create a space of fellowship and support for people with disabilities, physical disabilities, mental illnesses, chronic illnesses, temporary disabilities, and learning disabilities. We advocate on behalf of current and future disabled students through policy change and institutional compliance with said policy at YDS and Yale. We recognize that many with disabilities and chronic illnesses do not feel like they have a place within the Church or have had pain surrounding their experiences. We want to provide justice and reconciliation for disabled people who have experienced systemic discrimination within faith communities. We strive to have courageous conversations about equity and the allocation of resources toward eliminating barriers at Yale. We offer opportunities for allies to utilize their privilege to work toward alleviating the labor, pain, and stress involved in fighting for disability equity. Lastly, we work with faculty to create academic programming that centers and uplifts disabilities and its intersections.

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DivOut is a fellowship of Yale Divinity School students, faculty, and staff of all sexual orientations and gender identities dedicated to the full and equal participation of gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, queer, transgender, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming people in faith communities and society.

We are committed to care for one another, to seek justice for those who have been oppressed, and to work for the full inclusion of all people in the family of God. We provide materials on LGBTQIA issues and information to members of the community dealing with related topics. In addition to ongoing discussion groups, DivOut sponsors lectures, panels, worship services, and other educational, social, and cultural events.

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Asian Students Association

ASA provides a place for fellowship in the sharing of an ethnic bond and common faith. ASA is an inclusive space and community for students of Asian heritage, whether domestic or international students, along with fellow YDS students that are interested in advocacy of Asian/American issues. Frequent meetings roundtable discussions on current Asian/American theological issues, academic forums for the advancement of Asian-American theology, and fellowship gatherings.

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Native Crossroads

Native Crossroads celebrates and elevates Native presence, scholarship, and lifeways at Yale Divinity School. As relatives from many tribes and nations, we come together to affirm and encourage each other as we undertake diverse programs of theological and religious study.

As scholars and community leaders, we open up conversations that explore the complex relationship between Native traditions and Christian faith. As teachers, healers, and advocates, we seek to bring the power of Native voices into the institutional and ceremonial life of the YDS community.

Overall, we seek to weave the vibrant patterns of indigenous knowledge-sharing, feasting, and storytelling into the academic, liturgical, and social fabric of the divinity school and the university.

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Club Creole

Club Creole’s objective is to provide an inclusive space for those who want to learn, practice, the various creole dialect in the African Diaspora. Our mission is to promote African Diasporic culture (especially the Carribean Islands) in a positive way. There is a need to help those who are interested in missions in African Diasporic Culture. This club would provide space for cultural exchanges and speaking creole, pidgin or patois.

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La Communidad

La Comunidad, the YDS Latinx/e Student Group, is dedicated to creating spaces for Latinx voices and bodies at YDS to gather and build community of solidarity and support. La Comunidad also seeks to provide resources to promote theological and cultural education for an entire YDS student body preparing for service to the church and the world. La Comunidad hopes to foster comunidad Latina: an open, welcoming place to learn, struggle, and celebrate.

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Anything But Christian

Anything But Christian would like to give a voice to non-Christians and Christian adjacents who want to explore different ways ministry can be represented through a non-Christian, non-colonial lens. We believe that God does not solely belong to Christianity and that it is necessary to learn from and explore religions and religious identities. We understand "theology" to be the study of the absolute, whether that be labeled God/Gods, Truth, Mother Nature, Ultimate Reality, Brahman, Emptiness, etc. We support societal, social, and educational equality for all religions and their embodied practitioners. We are open to dual belonging, pantheism, syncretism, and pluralism as long as it is practiced respectively and compassionately avoiding misappropriation. Our organizational events will focus on the not-solely-Christian and the non-traditional. This group will offer support and community to students who hold more pluralistic ideals.

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Academic Development

Divinity Colloquium

Our mission is to provide a forum dedicated to the fostering of collective academic conversation at Yale Divinity School. The Divinity Colloquium seeks to offer monthly sessions with a semi-formal yet low-pressure environment, during which students may present their work to an audience of fellow students. The Colloquium might take a form such as a discussion of a pre-circulated draft or a practice version of a conference talk.

The ultimate aim of the Colloquium will be to provide a regularly convening venue wherein students may present their work to their peers while receiving suggestions, constructive criticisms, praise, and that overall collective academic experience that should define graduate school.

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Special Interest Groups

Common Ground

Common Ground is a student group at YDS that invites anyone and everyone to the shared work of caring for the Earth, our common ground.

Common Ground is a faith-based, student-led group that aims to build community around caring for and celebrating our communal home. Through platforms of community building, education, and advocacy, Common Ground will provide a space for people to come together to respond to and reckon with environmental issues, giving particular attention to the climate emergency. We seek to deepen our relationships to one another and the ground we share through exploring reparative work rooted in faith, community, diversity, and celebration. At the same time, we acknowledge the fraught and beautiful complexity of “shared ground,” and thus commit to grappling with and addressing the ongoing legacies of colonization, patriarchy, and racism.

We are guided and inspired by scientific and traditional knowledge, including the practices of indigenous peoples who have stewarded these lands for millenia, which now comprise the city of New Haven, and the many saints, mystics, and practitioners of different faiths who have called on us to love and care for our one earth home. Additionally, we aim to provide environmental visibility to issues on campus, holding YDS accountable to our unique calling as an institution: to put faith and scholarship into action for the common good of all persons, beings, and ecosystems.

Activities include: potlucks, volunteer opportunities, Earth-based ceremonies, environmental education, supporting other groups, rallies, petitions, nonviolent direct action, etc.

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YDS Women's Center

The YDS Women's Center is a community and space that is welcoming and accepting of all people, genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, dis/abilities, nationalities, and more. We strongly believe there is deep beauty and wisdom in all women, and it is our duty to seek out and honor this. We are committed to the advocacy of issues involving women, for women, and to all who identify as women.

We will provide accurate and up to date information about women's health, gender-based discrimination, racism, feminism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, allyship and other topics. We accept the responsibility to grow, reflect on our own failings, situate our social locations, ask for help, and strive to be better allies. We promise to work collaboratively with other women, groups, and people on and off campus. We pledge to support all women in times of agreement and controversy. In short, the YDS Women's Center is and will commit itself to creating a safe and brave space on campus where women and allies can gather; share resources, knowledge and stories; and honor what it means to be a woman.

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Divinnovation (a linguistic braiding of “Divinity” and “innovation”) seeks to push the boundaries of what it means to do ministry. At Divinnovation, we support students who are pursuing a non-traditional route following their time at YDS. We explore the intersections of theology and social entrepreneurship, law, business, politics, and other non-traditional ministries. Divinnovation seeks to cultivate an interdisciplinary space for the spiritual strategists among us to dive deep into pursuing their calling.

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YDS Paracleats Soccer Team

The Yale Divinity School Paracleats are an intramural soccer in the Yale University Intramural League. People of all enthusiasm and abilities are welcome! It does not matter if you played in college or have never kicked a soccer ball, we can find a place for you and want you on the team.

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YDS Film Club

In light of the pandemic, the YDS Film Club hopes to host film evenings that address student interests throughout the semester, in order to provide students with on-campus study breaks, as well as to redevelop a sense of safety and calm on-campus. The YDS Film Club will sponsor film nights, opera screenings, and performance livestreams for both educational purposes and for fun, and will invite students from across YDS (and potentially across campus) to join for evenings of socially-distanced fun.

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