Poorvu Center: Graduate and Postdoctoral Teaching Development

About Us

We serve many populations: graduate students, professional school students, and postdoctoral fellows. With an extensive set of workshops for new teachers, we encourage creativity and promote good teaching practices. Take advantage of classroom observations and one-on-one consultations and share your teaching challenges in a neutral space. Graduate students and postdocs who want to pursue intensive teaching development can enroll in the Certificate in College Teaching Preparation (CCTP), which requires teaching at Yale, participating in workshops, observing others' teaching, and preparing a capstone teaching portfolio. At the heart of our program, we have a group of McDougal Teaching Fellows who run many of our workshops and manage classroom observations. We also serve the teaching needs of individual departments, promote faculty-student mentoring, and respond to emerging developments in research about teaching.

Community Values

The Poorvu Center supports graduate students, professional school students and postdocs through a range of programming that aims to improve the learning experience for Yale undergraduates, while also offering professional development to future faculty that will serve them well in their job search and teaching careers.

Events & Activities

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Teaching Resources

Develop your teaching portfolio and build your teaching skills.

Learning Community

Meeting new students with shared interest

E: grad.teaching@yale.edu

Poorvu Center: Graduate and Postdoctoral Teaching Development

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