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The Temporary Restraining Order Project invites Yale Law Students to join us in providing a needed resource to members of the greater New Haven community while gaining valuable direct services experience. As a new TRO Project volunteer, you will take on three or more shifts per semester staffing our office in the New Haven County Courthouse. There, you will assist individuals facing domestic, intimate partner, and family violence in applying for and serving temporary restraining orders. We provide training on domestic violence and related issues, applicant interviewing skills, and the temporary restraining order process as a whole. No experience is necessary, and all levels of commitment are welcome.


The Temporary Restraining Order Project (TRO Project) staffs an office at the New Haven courthouse to assist individuals seeking temporary restraining orders. Students assist with completing paperwork and follow up to ensure that TROs are served and applicants return for their hearings.

E: troproject@yale.edu

Temporary Restraining Order Project

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