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Yale Club Swimming is a team of students from all corners of campus life, with any range of experience, who come together due to their love of swimming and the close-knit, family environment that they find.









Plans for this Year

Because of COVID-19, Yale Club Swim will no longer be able to meet in our typical manner, which is at the pool. Instead, we hope to stay in touch and in shape while staying safe by starting with workouts over zoom, and later in the semester possibly holding small sessions in large outdoor locations. In the event of foul weather, we will host the drylands over zoom.

As for our regularly scheduled social events, we will hold some events, such as movie-watching events or hangouts over zoom, while others, such as Sunday brunches, will be more difficult to replace. Our initiation will still be held in person, but will also have social distancing and safety parameters in mind.

As for meets, as of right now we are not able to hold in-person competitions. Nevertheless, we plan on having a long-term competition with havhard in the fall, and will reassess in the spring!

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