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About Us

The Yale Divinity School Student Government (YDSG) acts as a liaison between Yale Divinity School Students and the Yale Divinity School Administration. Responsibilities include convening a monthly meeting of all Student Group Leaders and elected representatives to the YDSG, working with the Dean on issues that impact the YDS Community, and publicly addressing issues of concern or interest as they arise through community conversations. For more information please visit this link or email Essence Ellis at essence.ellis@yale.edu


The purpose of Student Government shall be the following:

To act as the legislative assembly of the student body of Yale Divinity School (the “Divinity School” or “YDS”).

To serve as the primary representative of the student body before the faculty and administration of the Divinity School.

To act on behalf of the students and their interests on issues of YDS policy and community concern.

To advocate for the interests of the Divinity School students within the broader Yale University community.

Our Team

Mary Inge
Yuchen Tan
Mike Gordon

Dear Theo...

What is Dear Theo? Managed by the YDSG President, Dear Theo is an open letter system available to current YDS students. This allows students the opportunity to pen community letters when they feel unheard, or when we need to call each other in. Dear Theo letters can be sent out to the community with a name or anonymously. Dear Theo submissions can be sent to dear.theo@yale.edu

Contacting the EBoard

All submissions via Contact Us will be sent to the Secretary, Mary Inge. For any concerns or comments that need an immediate response, email them directly to Essence Ellis at essence.ellis@yale.edu


Yale Divinity School Government

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