Fifty Years of The Legal Imagination: A Symposium in Honor of James Boyd White

September 28 - 29, 2023

Yale Law School

James Boyd White was one of the originators of the law and literature movement with his 1973 book The Legal Imagination. White's scholarship combined law and the humanities in new ways, asking law students to consider non-legal texts using the casebook method and to begin to grapple with the manner that law constrained and directed thought about social realities. Since the founding of Yale Journal of Law & Humanities, White has served as one of the faculty advisors for the journal.

This conference, organized by friends, colleagues, and students of White, and hosted by the Yale Journal of Law & Humanities, marks 50 years since The Legal Imagination's publication.

Symposium Schedule

9:00—9:30: Opening remarks by James Boyd White

9:30—11:00: Law, Literature & Poetics

Simon Stern

Yxta Maya Murray

Barry Sullivan

Naomi Mezey

Jeff Powell (moderator)

11:15—11:30: Break

11:30—1:00 pm: Something Sacred: Law and its relation to Legal Authority, Power, and Humanity

Cathy Kaveny

Jothie Rajah

Winni Sullivan

Nomi Stolzenberg

Robin West (moderator)

1:00—1:50: Lunch

2:00—3:30: The Future of Law & the Humanities

Guyora Binder

Cathy Kaveny

Robin West

Jeff Powell

Barry Sullivan (moderator)

3:30—3:45: Closing remarks by James Boyd White

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Tech Law & the Humanities Symposium

October 28, 2022

Yale Law School

In collaboration with Yale's Justice Collaboratory, YJLH is hosting a one-day symposium to explore the causes and cures for online harms from a multidisciplinary perspective. Come join our conversation about misinformation, cyberbullying, polarization, civility, and voice with scholars steeped in everything from theology and sociology to history and engineering.

If you are interested in attending, either in person or via Zoom, please sign up via this registration link.