Welcome to the
Yale Creative Society


In the storm of cold calls, bar review hangovers, and sterile legal writing that is YLS, the Yale Creative Society (YCS) is the calm center. YCS fosters creativity, community, and connection by giving you the resources, peers, and space to explore art in the form that means the most to you. Come join us for events with artists, writers, and industry moguls within and outside of Yale; sponsored workshops on writing and visual art; and gatherings of fellow YLS students who appreciate the creation of things other than research memos as much as you do. Coffee and tea is on us!

Drop by one of our events, workshops, or informal gatherings any time or contact us at yls.creativesociety@yale.edu.


YCS's mission is to provide space and community for aspiring creators of all kinds. Whether you create to publish, introspect, explore, dream, relax, tune out, tune in, or tune up, YCS is where you belong.