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Our Mission

The Yale Undergraduate Coalition for Advocacy and Innovation (YUCAI) finds comprehensive, social impact solutions through collaborative ideation, while providing a union of unwavering support for its members.

Our Origin

In 2022, founders Sean Hargrow (YC '26) and Lucas Anmolsingh (YC '26) discovered an interesting dynamic here at Yale College. As first-year students from polar opposite backgrounds, we primarily wondered why friendships such as our own weren't commonplace. Yale University consists of 14 residential colleges and 75 unique majors, and represents virtually the entire world demographically; the sheer diversity that comes with an international population is truly remarkable. However, it seems that with this abundant demographic, we have created another dilemma: a partitioned campus. Secluded niches and microcosms are common at Yale College; certain majors and social groups are notorious for their gate-kept nature. A necessary emphasis on inclusion and affinity has created a "culture of cliques", which strays away from the true values of this institution. The undergraduate experience is meant, in large part, to learn from varying perspectives and backgrounds. We want to help actualize this truth. The Yale Undergraduate Coalition for Advocacy and Innovation (YUCAI) brings together the abundant minds of Yale College as one. It serves as one of very few clubs/organizations where racial, sexual, political status, etc. are not standards of qualification or acceptance; all while combatting problems at Yale and beyond.

So what do we do?

The problem is obvious...

And the solution seems to be quite simple; if the dilemma is intercollegiate integration, then simply bring people from different niches together. This is fundamental... the true question is what happens next. How do we implement this diverse group in a way unique from any other group on campus? After some thought, and a close look into what we are individually passionate about in our own lives, the answer became clear: social impact consulting. At its core, YUCAI is an official Yale undergraduate, social impact consulting group that works projects across fields. Whether we choose to tackle problems in the humanities, ed-tech, finance, climate, sustainability, foreign policy, or political space, the nature of our organization ensures that there is a team of experts ready to attack these multifaceted initiatives in creative ways. Furthermore, YUCAI is built on the understanding of shared advocacy, in both creating opportunities for collaboration and promotion of personal initiatives.

Innovation Initiatives

The main focus at YUCAI is to put this diverse network of elite scholars to work. YUCAI's per-semester Innovation Initiatives are how we implement real-world solutions. Every semester a team of qualified specialists here at YUCAI is tasked with providing a multi-faceted solution to a Yale (or non-Yale) related issue, problem, or dilemma. Teams will have the entire semester to brainstorm, research, develop, and implement these solutions. Each Initiative is tiered. Green Tier Initiatives require 4 hours (or less) of work per week, Yellow Tier Initiatives require 6 hours (or less), and Red Tier Initiatives require upwards of 8. This setup allows our members to have a clear sense of the time commitment each project will demand, allowing them better gauge which project is right for them.

Member Advocacy

The concept of advocacy (as our name suggests) is the other main focus here at YUCAI. Our aim is to amplify the voices, insights, ideas, and stories of our organization and beyond. Yale students are way more than their GPA, high school SAT score, or academic accomplishments. We are alike all individuals in the sense that we have experiences and backgrounds unique from the world. YUCAI uses its budding social network to promote these stories and advocate for the work of the entire Yale College community. Whether it be a startup, art project, or community project, YUCAI sees to it that these things are heard and seen. Voices that may not have been heard otherwise are now given the platform necessary for growth.

Membership Benefits


At YUCAI, every early or late-stage, independent venture our members tackle, is promoted, funded, and backed.


Our network of professionals, alumni, and students across the nation serves as an accessible network for all members, something necessary in a high digitalized economy.


10 voices are louder than 1. As firm believers in "strength in numbers", YUCAI serves as an academic union for its members and promises that the goals and aspirations of each individual are actualized with help of the organization and its resources.

Gain Experience

With our Innovation Initiatives and incubator-like organizational model

Gain Resources

Using our plethora of contacts and partners

Gain Connections

Meeting new students with shared interests

Meet Our Founders

Lucas Anmolsingh

Co-Founder & Executive Director

A grounded and disciplined student/researcher on a pre-med track. Self-proclaimed Boba enthusiast. Interested in social impact/enterprise, molecular and human biology, and microfinance.

Sean Hargrow

Co-Founder & President

An independent and self-motivated student, entrepreneur, visionary, and creator. A doer, not a dreamer. Interested in social impact/enterprise, I/O psychology, and media marketing/strategy.


The Yale Undergraduate Coalition for Advocacy and Innovation

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