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Our mission is to help all Yale undergraduates become active, empowered learners in their academic lives at Yale. Through peer mentoring and interactive workshops, we hope to provide you with the tools to help propel you toward your goals.

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1-on-1 Mentoring

To request a mentor, email us at academicstrategies@yale.edu
Note: Our online schedule for Peer Mentor slots opens September 19th.

Essentials for First-Years

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Community Values

The Academic Strategies Program offers one-on-one peer mentoring and workshops throughout the academic year. During a mentoring session, you may talk through your academic work and create a strategic plan to help you achieve your goals. Our interactive workshops offer practical advice and strategies for common academic challenges, such as, time management, tackling problem sets, and studying for exams.

Our Team

Just a few of our faces - read more about our Peer Mentors here, and Professional Staff here.

Dominic Curtis
Arushi Dogra
Sophia Moore
Nancy Sanchez
Anna Zhong
Vanessa Cheng
Charnice Hoegnifioh
Cesar Lara
Emely Lopez
Morgan Emokpae
Dani Doss
Kennedy Schwiebert
Ramona Teepe
Jae Rice
Caitlin Willis
Lauren Marks
Josephine Steuer Ingall
Joy Liow
Lynda Paul
Maayan Schoen
Esther Lee
Beichen Zhang
Chloe Papai
Gladys Venegas
Emme Magliato
Karen Lu
Sayda Martinez-Alvarado
Laura Nicholas
Avik Sarkar
Jerry Ruvalcaba
Michael Chen
Tony Potchernikov
Shady Mina
Ayanle Nur
Yabi Degefu
Akweley Mazarae Lartey
Wen Long Yang
Hannah Hernandez
Kayleigh Larsen
Monika Krasniqi
Katerina Kargioti
Jordan Fitzgerald
Matthew Davidson
Laine Garber
Sheryl Ofwona
Zully Arias
Enyo Adoboe
Faiad Alam
Elena Castro
Annaelise Kennedy
John Plumeri
Sam Heimowitz
Laiba Akhtar
Sandi Amezcua Rocha
Alejandro Ortega
Audrey Yeung
Tyler Jager
Rachel Merrill
Karin Gosselink
Jorge Anaya