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Our mission is to help all Yale undergraduates become active, empowered learners in their academic lives at Yale. Through peer mentoring and interactive workshops, we hope to provide you with the tools to help propel you toward your goals.

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Community Values

The Academic Strategies Program offers one-on-one peer mentoring and workshops throughout the academic year. During a mentoring session, you may talk through your academic work and create a strategic plan to help you achieve your goals. Our interactive workshops offer practical advice and strategies for common academic challenges, such as, time management, tackling problem sets, and studying for exams.

Our Team

Just a few of our faces - read more about our Peer Mentors here, and Professional Staff here.

Nancy Sanchez Profile

Nancy Sanchez

Josh Faires Profile

Josh Faires

Geoffrey Canales Profile

Geoffrey Canales

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Michelle Zheng

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Elaine Wijaya

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Zoe Keller

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Miranda Rublaitus

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Megan Wright

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Sean Brady

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Stephan Oliveira

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Alexandra Kleinman

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Laura Guerra-Lopez

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Zenaida Aguirre Gutierrez

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Tracey Matthew

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Vimbisai Basvi

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Victor Olmos

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Wren Wolterbeek

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Violet Kimble

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Yingying Zhao

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Rudy Cordero

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Tanyi Tseung

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Seth Bellamy

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Beichen Zhang

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Tammy Chung

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Naomi Sellers

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Taylor Russ

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Sophia Moore

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Stephania Chavez Cisneros

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Naasey Kanko Arthur

Noemi Guerra Profile

Noemi Guerra

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Tenzin Dadon

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Sam Ahn

Sandra Sandria Profile

Sandra Sandria

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Kalisa Vasquez-Minas

Lily Dorstewitz Profile

Lily Dorstewitz

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Karley Yung

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Karla Ramos Gonzalez

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Ketty Nguyen

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Juan Recoaro

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Katie Taylor

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Mary He

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Linh Pham

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Maiya Hossain

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Ketty Kabengele

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Laurel Jin

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Maria Beebe

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Durel Crosby

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Jesus Ramos

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Josh Atwater

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Jessie Hwang

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Jessikah Díaz

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JoAnne Villagrana

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Isaiah Wright

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Jasmine Gormley

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Ilham Abdelkadir

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Isaac Yu

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Hillary Warolin

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Isabelle Staco

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Helen Zhou

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Isaac Jean-Francois

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Esther Dominguez

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Fadhina Petit-Clair

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Gina Lee

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Jae Rice

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Fernando Lopez

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Felice Dong

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Emily Zenner

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Karen Lu

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Esmeralda Alejo

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Eden Rea-Hedrick

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Dylan Council

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Donovan Kreul

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Dominic Curtis

Denise Peng Profile

Denise Peng

Demi Lee Profile

Demi Lee

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Diego Lopez

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Ava Estacio-Touhey

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Ashley Ake

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Anya Razmi

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Anthony Isenhour

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Arushi Dogra

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Kayleigh Larsen

Allison Cho Profile

Allison Cho

Amber Zettle Profile

Amber Zettle

Alán Balboa-de la Fuente Profile

Alán Balboa-de la Fuente

Vanessa Cheng Profile

Vanessa Cheng

Alicia Mazzurra Profile

Alicia Mazzurra

Charnice Hoegnifioh Profile

Charnice Hoegnifioh

Caitlin Willis Profile

Caitlin Willis

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Emme Magliato

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Ramona Teepe

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Faiad Alam

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Morgan Emokpae

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Karin Gosselink

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Lynda Paul

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Jorge Anaya

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Laiba Akhtar

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Matthew Davidson

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Rachel Merrill

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Audrey Yeung

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Dani Doss

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Tony Potchernikov