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All 1481 A Cappella 17 Academic 23 Academic Departments 4 Advocacy, Social Justice, Global Affairs 19 Arts, Performance, Comedy 40 Business and Entrepreneurship 15 Campus Centers, Museums, and Galleries 8 Center for Language Study (CLS) 7 Community Outreach (Student Orgs) 34 Community Outreach and Giving 1 Dance 23 Diversity and Representation (Student Orgs) 82 Diversity, Representation, and Leadership (All Campus) 12 Environment, Sustainability 8 Graduate Housing 19 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS) Administration 23 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS) Student Organizations 33 Health, Wellness 25 ITS 2 Leadership 21 MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies 8 Media, Publications 32 Music 29 New Haven 4 Office of International Student & Scholars (OISS) 15 Office of the Provost 2 Politics, Civic Engagement, Debate 26 Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning 7 Postdoctoral Affairs 4 Pre-Professional 20 Religious, Spiritual 25 Science and Technology 37 Social, Games, Food 28 Sports, Outdoors 14 University Life Administration 20 University Life Organizations 52 Visual Arts 1 Wellness, Health, Sustainability 6 Yale Athletics 2 Yale College Dean's Office Administration 88 Yale College Residential Colleges 15 Yale College Undergraduate Production 1 Yale Connect Central 3 Yale Divinity School 52 Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs 23 Yale Law School 203 Yale Library 3 Yale School of Architecture 3 Yale School of Drama 1 Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science 0 Yale School of Medicine 164 Yale School of Music 8 Yale School of Nursing 6 Yale School of Public Health 23 Yale School of Public Health Student Organizations 21 Yale School of the Environment 117 Yale Ventures 2
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