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Casa de Bailes is an educational dance community that teaches the Yale student body how to dance to various Latine music genres to enjoy participating in social dance spaces. We accomplish this goal by helping the Yale student body learn how to dance to Latine music for people who are non-dancers, interested in Latine social dancing, and/or have never had the opportunity to dance these genres and would like to try now. Additionally, we have a growing project where music, dance examples, and history are available online for all members, as well as the public to view and learn about the different types of Latine social dances. Social dancing involves the community to initiate a welcoming and warming dance scene for everyone with music. We are a non-performance group, creating spaces for students to both learn and dance Latine music styles, including but not limited to: norteños, salsas, bachatas, merengue, and more. We hold beginner-friendly workshops where students can learn how to dance these specific genres and promote opportunities to explore these social dances inside and outside of Yale. We welcome all people from different dance backgrounds and experiences. For example, we host bailes (dance parties) where students can demonstrate their newly acquired dance skills in a comfortable environment and for experienced dancers to have fun dancing.









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Pablo Macias Lopez Profile

Pablo Macias Lopez

Social Chair
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Cherlyn Ferguson

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Destiny Ojukwu

Social Chair
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Jair Sanchez

Social Media Manager
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Yair Guijosa-Torres

President or Chair
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Isabel Nuno

President or Chair
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Allie Lopez

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Samantha Suazo

Fatima Perez Profile

Fatima Perez

Social Media Manager
Andrea Necoechea Profile

Andrea Necoechea

Recruitment Chair
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Stephanie Montealegre



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