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The Yale BBS Diversity and Inclusion Collective (YBDIC) is committed to fostering the intellectual and personal growth of underrepresented backgrounds in the BBS. Our central mission focuses on a four-pronged approach: engagement, empowerment, outreach, and advancement.









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The student engagement division aims to increase the representation of underrepresented scholars in BBS by advancing progressive recruitment initiatives coupled with student outreach to engage the next generation of scientists. The student empowerment division tackles the historical legacy of patterns and practices that have led to the exclusion of underrepresented students in STEM. Through this division, we aim to both empower underrepresented students and address and alleviate historical and psychological burden that comes with being underrepresented in STEM. Through the appointment of dedicated YBDIC fellows for each track in BBS, we aim to create more inclusive training environments throughout the BBS program – and we believe this will culminate into institutional change. The student outreach division focuses on providing access to science education and science communication opportunities and resources, available at Yale and within Yale's networks, to engage, empower, and advance underrepresented, disadvantaged, and marginalized individuals in the biological and biomedical sciences to increase career readiness. The student advancement division is committed to preparing underrepresented students in BBS to successfully navigate the next stage of their academic career and transition into non-academic or academic sectors. By creating a dedicated faculty mentoring network and leveraging our alumni relationships, we will be able to provide underrepresented students with models and mentors as they traverse the next stage of their academic career. Collectively, through the concerted efforts of each branch we aim to foster individual empowerment and lasting institutional change.

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Our Team

Ray Vaca Profile

Ray Vaca

Chair of Empowerment
Katherine Benitez Profile

Katherine Benitez

Rana Gbyli Profile

Rana Gbyli

Chair of Outreach
Rebecca Colón Ríos Profile

Rebecca Colón Ríos

Chair of Engagement
Angela Kim Profile

Angela Kim

Matheo Morales Profile

Matheo Morales

Chair of Advancement
Jennifer Loza Profile

Jennifer Loza

Lex Herrerias Profile

Lex Herrerias

Jon Bile Profile

Jon Bile

Frankie Villalobos Profile

Frankie Villalobos

Yemi Osayame Profile

Yemi Osayame

Adriana Vélez Profile

Adriana Vélez

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Dominique Sims



Yale Biology and Biomedical Sciences Diversity and Inclusion Collective (YBDIC) - a Graduate Student Organization

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