Poland is a leading tech hub in the very heart of Europe. Our tumultuous, yet ultimately victorious nation's history has produced determined leaders who challenge convention. Therefore, at a time when identity is a superpower that is finally being acknowledged across business circles, the Polish Students Society strives to support entrepreneurs interested in our region. To that end, we are a vital part of the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale. Each year we host a speaker series which aims to connect students with ambitious founders, business strategists, investors, and government officials who will teach us about the future of Polish innovation. Join us!

Core Themes

Geography and Innovation ­

What is our region's (Central-Eastern Europe) economic and creative relationship to the US, Israel, and China? What is our competitive edge and what do we still have to work on?

Government as a Driver of Polish Innovation ­

How does the Polish Development Fund encourage business prosperity, combat brain drain, and invest in the development of emerging technologies?

Private Actors as Drivers of Polish Innovation

What role do angel investors, global management consultants, and public intellectuals have in supporting dreamers and technical thinkers? How can you or I build industry-disrupting companies from early stage to international reach?

Biotech and Astrophysics Deep Dive ­

What Polish companies are currently shaping the future of medicine and space? What resources or partnerships do they need to support their research? What is the role of universities in incubating biotech startups?

Our Mentors

Małgorzata Cichal

Polish Development Fund | Project Manger @ School of Pioneers| SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Feel free to contact her to talk about startups, the ideation process, prototyping, fundraising, and government initiatives!

Łukasz Dwulit

Klarna - Head of Poland | Forbes 30 under 30 | Duke University School of Law

Feel free to contact him to talk about global e-commerce, law, finance, and Central-Eastern European startups!

Róża Szafranek

CEO at HR Hints | Co-Author of Culturivy | Jagiellonian University | Recruiter of the Year 2018 | Forbes Women of 2022

Feel free to contact her to talk about building a business in Poland, the UK, and the US, business psychology, and career development!

Krystyna Iłłakowicz

Senior Lector I Slavic Languages & Literature

Feel free to contact her to discuss Polish language and culture in the global context, theatre and language acquisition, theatre, film, Polish and European modernity, Polish women, and history.