Pułaski Day Parade 2023

TVP Polonia (~minute 27 as we are getting ready with PSM, ~1:55 as we are marching and meeting the Presidential delegation)

Radio Rampa

Interview with our President Julia Wojtkowski on the college application process as a Polish first-generation student and the profound effect that community, especially that found in university cultural clubs, has on students.

PSFCU Presidential Scholarship

Our Vice-President Patryk Dabek took part in in PSFCU's Scholarship under the patronage of the President of Poland during the summer 2023. The program is organized in a partnership with the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland.

Polish Economic Forum

In February 2023, we sent two board members to the Polish Economic Forum in London, and an article about their journey has just been released (Page 12-13 of link below)!  The event, hosted by the LSE SU Polish Business Society, offered a multitude of workshops, discussion panels, and keynote speeches.