Presentations 2024


Click on the image of the presenter to read their biography and paper abstract. You can view the conference schedule on the 2024 Conference tab. Recordings will be linked to each individual's page if available.

Kai Horn El-Amin

"Water in the Wilderness"

Kara Lyn Moran

"'Water is life! Mni Wiconi!': Religious Duality in the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests"

Yanan Rahim N. Melo

"Entangled Body and Blood: Whiteness, Darkness, and Critterly Reciprocities"

Chulthim Gurung

"Buddhist Perspective of Karmic Relationship Between Humans and the Earth"

Arcadia Davies

"Folklore and Conservation: Understanding Human’s Relationships to the Environment"

Riley Erlandson

"Lydia Millet’s Fiction on Faith and Ecological Crisis"

Marcus Timothy Haworth

"Toward Living Systems as Legal Bodies within the Catholic Church: The Necessity of Re-Figuring the Relationship among Creation, Christian Salvation, and Human Co-Operation"

Emmanuel Ojeifo

"Between Mythos and Ethos: From Liberal Education to Ecological Spirituality"

Gavin Chase

"Under the Teachings of Others: Religious Communities, Permaculture Design, and Re-Indigenization"

Lin Henke

"Dark Green Kinship: CSA Farm Work as a Site of Queer Religiosity"

Joseph Rodriguez

"Beyond the Human-Nature Divide: Buen Vivir in the Ecocene"

Frédérique Ndatirwa

"Detangling: Decolonial Womanism, Land, Body, and Repair"

Christian M. Silva

"(Re)Mythologizing the Aztlán of the Chicano Movement: Considering a New Homeland and La Virgen de Guadalupe"

Shivangi Pareek

"Living with the Divine River: Adivasi Expressive Culture and Environmental Aesthetics"

Jessica Radicic

"If a Body Falls in a Forest"

Junhan Hu and Xiyao Fu

"A less-trodden path back home: Juxtaposing the life stories of a Tibetan Buddhist Environmentalist and an Akha Woman Conservationist"

Fwangmun Oscar Danladi

"Sacred Soil: Exploring the Complex Interplay of Bodies, Land, and Identity in Middle Belt Nigeria Cosmologies"

Alexa Rollow


Dakota Ashley Limón

"Adaptation and Displacement: Navigating Oceania’s Religious and Spiritual Traditions Amid Climate Transformation"

Sue McRae

"The Walking Meditation at Sunset. Philosophy as a Way of Life: Seeking the Divine in the Horizon"

Muntazir Ali

"Water, Cypress, and Rose: Spiritual Ecology in the Persian Poetry of Muḥammad Siār (d. ca. 1829)"

Nathan Samayo

"Everything is in God’s Hands: Nuclear Detonations and Ecological Catastrophe in the Marshall Islands"

Xiaohao Yang

"Exploring Acoustic Landscapes of Places of Worship for Environmental Planning"

Javney Mohr

"Worlds of Otherwise in the (re)Making: Internationalist Intifadas from Below"

Natasha Chawla

"Ontopoetic Entanglements: Poetic Being in Uncertain Times"

Andrea Lynn

"Making Music with the Humpbacks of Mā‘alaea Bay"

Katie Mills

"Beef Liver, Barbells, and “Bronze Age Mindsets”: A Theological Analysis of Body Politics and Environmental Hopes in the Manosphere"