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Who Are We?

The Yale Postgraduate Association (YPGA) works to enhance the experience and development of the postgraduate community. Through a combination of educational initiatives and social activities, the YPGA assists postgraduate scholars in obtaining the skills necessary to pursue academic and non-traditional careers in science and beyond. We nurture a diverse, inclusive community through the following pillars:

1. Connect postgrads through mailing lists and in-person events.

2. Organize career development events, networking, and social engagement events.

3. Build a sense of community amongst postgraduates.

4. Serve as a voice for postgraduates.

5. Encourage inclusion and diversity among all postgraduate scholars at Yale University and advocating on their behalf to achieve a supportive and enriching environment.

6. Strengthen the skills of postgraduate scholars as both mentors and mentees by facilitating access to opportunities for mentorship training and experience.

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