Event Approval Process and Resources

Updated September 7, 2023

The Yale School of the Environment (YSE) requires pre-approval for all Yale sponsored events (on or off campus). Events must follow all YSE Building Use Policies, all YSE Event Guidance, and all YSE Poster Policies.

Questions regarding field trips and day long events should be sent to events.yse@yale.edu.

Steps for Confirming your Event

  1. 1

    Book a space for your event

    Begin by finding a suitable space for your event at YSE here.  Once submitted, your request will be sent to the events team to review for availability, conflicts, and capacity.

  2. 2

    Approval for use of space

    Once approved, you will receive an email with further instructions from the events team on how to create an event in Yale Connect and add your event to the calendar. Please note you must be an officer of a group in Yale Connect to create an event.

  3. 3a

    Prepare for your event by reading the YSE Building Use Policy

    The YSE Building Use Policy details out proper use and maintenance of spaces including safety and security, access, and facilities use.

  4. 4a

    Create your event in Yale Connect

    Follow the steps outlined in the email from the events team to create your event and complete the Event Approval Form. You must be listed as an "Officer" to submit an event in YC. Sign in here using your Yale credentials: https://yaleconnect.yale.edu/

    For Yale Connect training guides and other resources, check out the resources below!

  5. 5

    Yale Connect Approval; Submit IT and Facilities Requests

    Once your event is approved, the event will go "live" in Yale Connect - meaning it will be added to the calendar and allow for RSVPs.

    While you wait, please submit any ITS Support Requests using their form here: http://yalef.es/avsupport

    To request facilities support email fesfacilities@yale.edu

    Create a poster for your event using this helpful template and following these policies on hanging posters.

  6. 6

    Apply for Event Budgets (YSE Students Only)

    Numerous funding sources are available for student events.

    Click here to learn more and to access budget request links and applications.

Related Resources

Room Capacities:

Kroon Hall
  • Kroon Hall Third Floor (auditorium, Knob + café)*: 275
  • Burke Auditorium: 180
  • Knobloch Environment Center (the Knob): 150
  • Knobloch Cafe: 73
  • Third Floor Kroon Hall: 255
  • Kroon Room 321:  30
  • Kroon Room 319: 30
  • Kroon G01: 42
  • The second floor and the Ordway Center (ground level) can not be used for events.
Marsh Hall
  • Marsh Rotunda: 50
  • Marsh Classroom: 20
  • Marsh Porch: 20
Sage Hall
  • Bowers Auditorium: 75
  • Sage Student Lounge: 15
  • Sage 8a: 15
  • Sage 24: 50
  • Sage 32: 20
  • Sage 41c: 19
  • 380 Edwards Classroom: 25
  • 380 Edwards Seminar: 10
  • 301 Prospect Classroom: 20

*The Fire Marshal has determined all of these capacities. When event hosts plan to use the entire third floor of Kroon Hall, including Burke Auditorium, Knobloch Café, and the Knobloch Environment Center, the capacity is set strictly at 275.