Bystander Intervention

For many years, and most recently in 2020, Yale College first years and sophomores have participated in bystander intervention training. The 60-minute workshops, led by the CCEs, have been very well-received: in surveys and conversations, students say they are using the strategies they developed in the workshop, and they are pleased by the impact on themselves and their communities. The bystander intervention workshop draws on community-focused bystander intervention research, teaching concrete intervention skills and encouraging all students to make safe, low-level interventions when they encounter troubling sexual or romantic dynamics. The ultimate goal is to make sexual misconduct less likely and build a more supportive community on campus.

Bystander Intervention workshops were held March 3-6. Any student who did not attend a workshop or set up an individual meeting must attend a make-up workshop March 14-16. Please register before 5pm on Thursday, March 10. The workshops are available below, or you can scroll through the available options here. Please contact with any questions.

As always, there is also the option to have an individual conversation if you are concerned about discussing sexual misconduct in a group setting. Simply write to the Office of Gender and Campus Culture at; you do not need to share any personal information.