Upper-Level Workshops

Preventing, recognizing, and responding to sexual misconduct is a community-wide project: every one of us has a part to play in making our campus culture as safe, respectful, and supportive as it can be. To build our individual and collective skills, all members of the Yale community have an annual sexual misconduct training requirement. Juniors and seniors may choose to attend an in-person, CCE-facilitated workshop or complete an online training. Details on the in-person workshops are listed below, where you can also register for them. To complete the online training, go to https://smr-training.yale.edu/.

If you would prefer to have an individualized conversation, please email Dean Janay Garrett at janay.garrett@yale.edu to arrange one. You do not need to share any personal information.

Some students, such as FroCos, Peer Liaisons, pre-orientation leaders, and varsity athletes, may have already participated in training sessions that meet the annual sexual misconduct training requirement. To see a full list of trainings that fulfill this requirement, please consult the FAQs below. If you would like to arrange a customized workshop for a student group in which you participate, please email the Office of Gender and Campus Culture at gcc@yale.edu.

Seniors must fulfill this requirement in the fall semester by December 3rd. Seniors who would like to fulfill the requirement with an in-person workshop should register by November 5th.

Juniors may fulfill this requirement in either the fall or spring semester before April 22nd. Juniors who would like to fulfill the requirement with an in-person workshop should register by February 18th. More workshops will be held in Spring 2022 and will be made available in January.

Fall 2021 Upper-Level Workshops

  • Advanced Bystander Intervention

    The Advanced Bystander Intervention workshop builds on the introductory bystander intervention training to strengthen participants’ core intervention skills while offering new strategies for a wide range of situations.

  • Intimate Communication

    In Intimate Communication, participants will learn pragmatic skills for productive conversations, with a focus on expressing romantic and sexual desires; navigating differences in values, identities, goals, and experiences; active listening; re-connecting in moments of anger or tension; and expressing appreciation, respect, and affection.

  • Making the Party Your Own: Hosting Skills 101

    This workshop helps participants think through the process of hosting a party, from choosing a vibe and selecting a venue, to responsibly serving food and alcohol, to maintaining a welcoming tone and safe, inclusive space at the party itself.

  • Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct

    This foundational training outlines Yale’s sexual misconduct definitions and policies, campus resources, and reporting mechanisms, with an emphasis on the ways that SHARE, Title IX, the UWC, and other campus resources can provide help, support, and options for action. Through interactive scenarios, participants learn core strategies for helping a friend, intervening as a bystander, and reducing overall campus risk.

  • Self-Care Toolkit: Building Resilience

    This workshop explores the concepts of resilience and wellness and provides an opportunity to try out coping skills, including trauma-informed yoga practices, therapeutic art activities, relaxation exercises, and grounding techniques.

  • Supporting Survivors: Exploring Impacts and Promoting Holistic Wellness

    This workshop will expand upon the core elements of a helpful response (listening, not judging, offering support, facilitating referrals to resources) to consider how to promote holistic wellness in both survivors and ourselves.

  • TIPS Bartender Training

    TIPS is a nationally recognized alcohol safety and bartender certification course. Participants will learn how to use the roles of bartenders to create safer, more inclusive spaces and reduce the risk of sexual misconduct. This workshop teaches practical skills, including identifying dangerous intoxication, slowing down and cutting off service, responding to sexual harassment, de-escalating conflict, and getting help in an emergency. Upon successful completion, students receive TIPS bartender certification, and are eligible to participate in an AODHRI-sponsored mixology class.


  • What is the Title IX training requirement?

    All Yale College undergraduates must participate in annual training with the Office of Gender and Campus Culture on sexual misconduct prevention, intervention, and response. This requirement is part of a broader University initiative that requires all faculty, staff, and students to engage in annual training. Each person needs to be trained once in each academic year.

  • How do I know if I have already met this requirement?

    The following workshops count to fulfill the annual training requirement:

    • the “Myth of Miscommunication” workshop, which was a requirement for all first-years and sophomores in Fall 2021
    • the standard bystander intervention training, which will be a requirement for all first-years and sophomores in Spring 2022
    • the team-based NCAA varsity athlete workshops
    • AODHRI’s version of the TIPS Bartender Training
    • FroCo training
    • Peer Liaison training
    • Pre-Orientation Leader training
    • Customized CCE or OGCC trainings, as approved in advance

    Remember that the training needs to be in this current academic year to count.

  • How do I fulfill my requirement?

    Juniors and seniors who still need to fulfill this requirement have several options from which to choose:

    • Attend one of the in-person workshops listed above
    • Schedule and attend a customized version of one of these workshops for your student group by emailing gcc@yale.edu
    • Take the Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct online training
    • Email Dean Janay Garrett at janay.garrett@yale.edu to arrange for an individualized training with a CCE or a member of the office staff. You do not need to share any personal information.
  • How do I register for an in-person workshop?

    You can register for any session that you'd like to attend using the workshop event links above. If the workshop you would like to attend is already full, please indicate that you would like to be added to the waitlist. If a space opens and your registration is confirmed, you will receive an email notification. If there is sufficient interest, we will schedule additional workshops.

    Options for Spring 2022 will be listed in January.