Finding Support

Yale Mental Health and Counseling (MHC)

Yale MHC provides short term and long-term mental health care. To start, call 203-432-0290 and set up an evaluation

For long-term therapy, you may be referred out to a larger network of counselors through Magellan Health.

Flowchart for finding a therapist

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a current patient to make a same-day appointment with Yale MHC?
Students do NOT have to be current Mental Health & Counseling patients to make a same-day appointment
Call (203) 432-0290 to speak with a therapist.

Is Yale MHC available through the Yale Health Plan?

Yes! The Yale Health Plan covers mental health care at Yale MHC.

Is there group therapy?

Yale Mental Health and Counseling offers a variety of groups that each start at the beginning of the semester. See here for more information

What if I don't like my counselor?

This is a super common concern amongst many patients in and seeking therapy. If you feel like you would like to try a different therapist, please do not hesitate to call the main Yale MHC number to ask.

How do I start with a counselor at Yale?

To start off, contact Yale Mental Health and Counseling at 203-432-0290. They will help you set up an intake evaluation. After the intake appointment, you will receive a call from an assigned provider.