Strategies for Accountability

As the semester goes on, here are some strategies you can use and questions you can ask yourself in order to stay safe.

1. Pick a COVID Captain

Among your suite or group of friends, rotate to choose one person each day to keep the group on top of their masks, social distancing, and personal hygiene when outside of your living space.

2. Daily Self Check

In addition to the Daily Health Check, make sure to take account every day of the things that you're doing in order to keep yourself safe. Be honest about shortcomings. Don't think through ways to justify behavior, but rather make sure that you know when you might need other resources.

3. Buddy System

Check in with a buddy every day to both help yourself and help a friend. Ask questions about their health both physical and mental, and make sure that they are getting the resources they need to stay safe.

4. Green, Yellow, Red

We know Yale has an alert level that measures the “risk” profile. Use this for a personal assessment. Which level would you be? How can you bring yourself to a green?

5. Game Plan

Outline expectations for yourself before going to a social situation where social distancing is difficult. How can you protect yourself and others? What are the steps you need to take before you leave your living space?