PHEP Project Teams

The PHEPs work in both Residential College pairs and on Project Teams to tackle larger dynamics facing the Yale community related to Public Health. In the 2020-2021 school year, we have four project teams: Communications, Social Media, COVID Policies and Resources, and Social Life. You'll see a lot of the projects and the teams' work overlap! The PHEPs work in a variety of configurations and collaborate frequently.

Check out the teams below for examples of what they are working on:


The communications team is focused on generating content and getting information into the hands of students to provide clarity around public health protocols and to promote safe and fun ways to be engaged on-campus.


The communications team is working to provide information and graphics in College newsletters, the weekly YCC campus newsletter, and the Good Life Center newsletter.

Informational Clips

The communications team is putting together short, clear, informational clips, both in real life and using the platform Powtoon, to supply instructive snippets around a variety of important topics.

Social Media

The social media team produces and supports Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok content to provide educational information, weekly content challenges, and shareable and appealing graphics for students to repost and reshare. The team is focused on normalizing dialogue around the current public health crisis and providing easily digestible information.

Social Media Accounts

Spreading visuals about public health protocols and ideas for socially distant activities.

QR Codes

Providing easy access in residential colleges, dining halls, testing sites, and other Yale buildings to the Daily Health Check and COVID-19 test scheduling sites.

Social Life

The social life team strives to bring students together for events in ways that are safe and in line with current public health guidance. They aim to increase engagement in healthy and safe social activities this year.


PHEPs help break it down: how to celebrate your birthday? How to plan a safe gathering? How to send a care package to a friend? How to picnic correctly? In step-by-step instructions with links and guides, these graphics will be accessible on our website and in social media posts.

Social Events

The social life team is working to connect with existing student organizations to help develop and promote  get-togethers to foster a sense of connection. For example, Zoom baking, Halloween, and class- or college-specific events.

COVID-19 Policies and Resources

The policies and resources team strives to help fill the gaps between the amount of information being produced and published and getting the updates to their peers in a comprehensible format. They answer questions like: What is the difference between isolation and quarantine? The project team is working to demystify the scientific and public health terminology and translate it to day-to-day life on and off campus.

Hack the Community Compact

From trivia to jeopardy, how well do students understand the terminology and guidelines in the Community Compact? The group is putting together easy games for student groups, residential colleges, or suites to play and win prizes over Zoom.

Office Hours

During weekly office hours, the PHEPs are available to answer questions and provide more COVID-related resources. The policies team is staying apprised of and condensing public health information originating from the CDC, the Connecticut and New Haven governments, and Yale.