PHEP Graduate Coordinators

We have two graduate coordinators who work closely with our undergraduate team to manage and support them through their daily work.

Lexi Hopkins (she/her/hers)

Lexi Hopkins (YSPH ’21) is a co-coordinator of the PHEPs program. Outside of this role she is a policy fellow at Elevate a Policy Lab at Yale. Lexi graduated from Yale College in 2020, within the History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health, and was in JE. She is excited to help students expand their public health knowledge and maintain positive mental health throughout the year.

Dan Pflueger (he/him/his)

Dan Pflueger (YDS '22) is our other PHEP graduate co-coordinator for this year. Dan is an alumnus of Boston College, where he studied Theology and Philosophy. He is excited to work with students to develop a supportive and engaging atmosphere at Yale throughout the coming year, and he will lead the Social Media and Social Life project teams within the PHEP program.