YDS Alcohol Policy

Members of the Yale Divinity School bring to the community varying backgrounds, attitudes and experiences with regards to the use of alcohol. Some of these attitudes are formed or informed by religious belief, as well as by philosophy, addiction and trauma histories, preference, and health issues.

Both the consumption and the non-consumption of alcohol play a role in our community, and all activities and events where alcohol is served must be attentive to both groups.

As a community of adults, it is understood that the responsible use of alcohol has its place in our common life. As a community of future religious, educational and civic leaders, it is also understood that such use must be in full compliance with state law and must take into account the liability issues inherent in alcohol service and consumption as well the impact on the YDS community.

The following policies and procedures have been adopted by the Divinity School and are effective immediately.

  1. Connecticut state law provides that that alcoholic beverages may be dispensed only to those that are 21 years of age or older. Further, state law prohibits the dispensing of alcohol to any intoxicated person. Though most members of our community are 21 or over, any underage students, spouses or guests attending such events may not be served.
  2. Alcohol may only be served or consumed on the YDS campus in the context of school or student government/organization sponsored events. Alcohol may not be consumed during academic classes, in individual study sessions or at informal gatherings on campus. For purposes of this policy, YDS Campus shall include the Sterling Divinity Quadrangle property and academic building, as well as outdoor public spaces such as the Divinity farm and fire pit. The Divinity School apartments are subject to the policies of Yale Graduate Housing, and are not subject to the YDS alcohol policy.
  3. All alcohol served at YDS-sponsored events shall be procured by YDS. Community members may not bring their own alcohol to any officially sponsored YDS event.
  4. All events involving alcohol must be sponsored by a YDS office, faculty member or student organization. No events planned by individual students may involve alcohol. If a student organization plans an event collaboratively with a YDS office or a faculty member, student event rules must be followed.\
  5. Whenever alcohol is served, equally available and equally appealing non-alcoholic beverages must be served. Should the event run out of non-alcoholic beverages, the service of alcohol must cease.
  6. Whenever alcohol is served, substantial snacks or a meal must also be served. Should the event run out of food, the serving of alcohol must cease.
  7. Only one drink at a time may be served to an individual.
  8. The last service of alcohol shall be at a time no later than 30 minutes prior to the advertised end of an event. Depending on the size and scope of the event, the Office of Student Affairs may set an earlier last service time.
  9. When alcohol service has ceased, any remaining alcohol must be secured in a locked space. The location of that space will be pre-determined at the time that the event is approved.
  10. Alcohol served at an event must be consumed at that event. Participants may not remove open containers from the site. Event planners must develop an effective method for preventing alcohol and food from leaving the designated party area.
  11. Event organizers, security, and faculty/staff sponsors may shut down the event or the service of alcohol at any time, if it is determined that the event has become unsafe or unmanageable.
  12. Event organizers, security, servers, and faculty/staff advisers may deny service or entrance to any individual who is determined to be intoxicated.
  13. The Office of Students Affairs shall determine, for each event, the appropriate requirements for serving alcohol. Factors to be considered will include size of event, time of day, location, and what other activities will accompany the alcohol service.
  14. Only TIPS or RSERVE trained individuals or certified bartenders may serve alcohol. If RSERVE or TIPS trained individuals are utilized the following requirements must be met. (i) The servers certificates must be on file with the office of risk management. (ii) The servers must be currently enrolled in a school other than YDS. The Office of Student Affairs shall provide a list of suggested sources of servers, but acquiring is a responsibility of the group. (iii) The servers must not consume alcohol while on duty. (iv) The servers must stay for the duration of the event.
  15. Security Officers shall be hired from Yale Police. The cost for such officers shall be borne by the group.
  16. A member of the faculty or staff must be present on campus for the duration of the event.


Student-Sponsored Event Policies are as follows:

  • When a student organization wishes to serve alcohol at an event (on or off campus), permission must be requested of the Office of Student Affairs. Approval to serve alcohol is contingent on clear designation of the organization sponsoring the event as well as the individuals in charge of the event, along with a clear and reasonable plan for serving the alcohol. Further, the Office of Student Affairs reserves the right to limit the amount of alcohol purchased and/or served at any event.
  • Student Government/Organization may not publicize the presence of alcohol at an event until formal approval has been received. Once approval is received, all advertisements must make it clear that both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be served.
  • Beer, wine and champagne are the only alcoholic beverages that may be served at YDS-sponsored events.
  • At any event where alcohol is served, those wishing to consume alcohol must present valid ID proving date of birth. Individuals of legal drinking age shall be given a wristband identifying their legal status. Student Affairs shall provide the wristbands.