Leadership & Transition

It takes work to run a student org. It also takes work to set up the future of the student org!

Learn more on how to setup your elections and make sure you transition your student org for success in the new academic year!

Club Leadership Basics

YDS Student Orgs run on the passion and dedication of our students. Each year, 30-40  students take on leadership roles in our student orgs, helping to cultivate the experiences for their peers (and each other!)

Your work as student org leaders feeds into the rich tapestry of the student experience - and OSA is here to help you navigate all of that!

Number of Club Leaders
Each student org should aim to have 2, no more than 4, elected "main" officers, who are returning students; including a president/chair and a budget officer/treasurer, who will be listed in the student org directory. These officers serve as the main contact points for the student org, and share overall responsibility for club management, including finances.

Student Org Elections
All elected leaders must commit to leading the student org in the next academic year, and must be a full-time enrolled student.

Student orgs decide the following year's leadership in early-to-mid Spring. The election process starts in January and ends late-March. You will then report the names of the new leaders to OSA. These deadlines will be communicated to current student org leaders by the OSA team via email and meetings.

When conducting your elections, think about ways in which to eliminate voting bias, and also the best way to ensure broad representation on your leadership team; both in terms of diversity AND professional (i.e. does it really help to have all of your leaders come from the same background?)

Required Positions:

Club Chair/President
  • Main point of contact between Clubs and administrators
  • Overall responsibility for the Club activities and programs
  • Manages the leadership team
Budget Officer/Treasurer
  • Responsible for Club's budget and all financial transactions
  • Ensures Club does not incur deficit; personally and financially accountable
  • Maintain fiscal transparency, enforces purchasing policies with other Club leader

Optional Roles to Consider:

  • Events & Social Chair
  • Communications Chair
  • Admissions Liaison
  • Vocation & Leadership Liaison
  • DEI Ambassador
  • Speakers & Public Liaison

Submit your new leaders now!

OSA requires the names of your new confirmed leaders by Friday, April 1st.

Leadership Transition

Outgoing student org leaders are responsible for assisting and advising new leaders through Commencement Day. At this time, Incoming student org leaders officially assume their roles and responsibilities.

Newly elected leaders must attend mandatory training sessions organized by OSA, (outlook invites sent by end of May.)

In addition, student org leaders will organize a shadow period as well as a hand-off meeting with incoming student org leaders to complete the tasks listed on the club leader transition checklist.

Consider having a transition meeting before the Re-Registration deadline, or incorporate the topic of Club transition into smaller items in your normal Club leaders weekly meeting.